Wakeup Call Message
March 28, 2005





          There is a pretty morning awaiting you out there; go out and sing in the sunshine and spread your cheer throughout the gloom of the cloudy day. It matters not the weather, for there is always something beautiful in a day that finds you in the best of conditions and the worst.

          Greetings my loved ones, I AM Sananda, and I come to you this day because I sense a deepening feeling of despair and lassitude among some of you. I wish to address this with you, and perhaps lead you out of this feeling and soar with you into the laughter and peace of mind that brings you a new feeling of power and wonder at the same time.

          Consider that there is no one on earth except you and one other person. Who would that person be, if it were your choice? Would it be your loved one who walks and lives this life beside you, perhaps a child who brings you joy and loving feelings? How about a neighbor, or a favorite teacher? Maybe it will be the grocer on the corner who always gives you the juiciest most ripe and delectable fruit?

          Now you have your sole companion, and you walk through the empty streets and seeing for the first time the absence of despair around you. You look into the windows and see no sign of life. Then you look closer and you see an insect, crawling along the counter in the store. This insect is one that before you would have swatted with no hesitation, but now you watch as it goes about its way, not bothering you, or causing you to be wary.

          Then you go a little further and you stop in front of a store that is all lit up like a Christmas tree, though it is not Christmas. What is the occasion, and why have you happened upon this? Then you remember your companion as he comes up beside you. You reach out and remark that the sight before you, while unexpected and unexplained, is indeed beautiful.

          Your friend then whispers that it is shining just like you, and that it is a gift to you from the Universe. You wonder at the words, for you did not realize that your companion knew of such things. This is a wonderful revelation, for you had not discussed such things with him before. Is it possible that this was not mentioned because you took too much time with other things?

          Or maybe you dared not open the subject for to do so could risk the close friendship that you shared. After all, this subject is one that invites ridicule from those who don’t understand. So you smile and say, that is true, for I see it in your eyes. You reflect what I see in this window.

          Your friend smiles once more and sees that you are just a little nervous about talking this way. He seeks to put you at ease, and he opens the subject further. “You are living your truth as surely as I live mine, my dear friend. And as I live mine, I find that it is a flowing and flexible truth that can change as often as I change my mind.”

          You look at your friend with a new curiosity, for this is a new side of him. Do you suppose that this is taking place right now because there are no distractions, and no possibility of someone overhearing this unusual conversation? Or is it unusual; is perhaps the usual conversation of the world, the unusual?

You muse on that for a moment, and then your friend speaks again. “Come, let’s go to the end of town and then one mile further. Let’s see what lies just our of reach of our eyes now.”

          You agree and soon you are on the outskirts and facing am emptiness that is strangely silent. This emptiness invites you into its stillness, and yet you feel an unease within it. Are you not familiar with the sound of your own body rhythms, or are you all too familiar? This thought crosses your mind, and you look at the trees as they sway in the breeze. You find that they flow with a rhythm that matches your breathing. Why did I not ever notice that before? Maybe it is because I never really heard the silence of the surrounding countryside, and then brought the focus of the tree to my understanding.

          You stay thus for a few minutes and then you discover that your friend is nowhere to be found. You panic for a moment, and then you hear a slight rustling behind you. It is a dog, and he is looking at you as if he has never seen a human being before. This dog is unlike any you have seen before, for he wears a huge grin, and winks at you with his curlicue eyes. The lashes that adorn his eyes curl up and touch his forehead like a fan touches the top of the wall.

          This dog seems slightly familiar, and you stoop to pat it. Upon this gesture, he turns and wags his tail upon his retreat. You start after him, but wait for you feel it intrusion. As the dog trots out of sight, you hear another rustle, and this time it is your friend, who bears a grin as big as all outdoors.

          “My friend,” he says, “You are awash with wonder this day, and I see that your heart is lighter. Is there a stillness within that speaks of the peaceful expression without?”

          “I know not what to do,” you say, “For I am too much in myself to know what I am feeling. I just am what I am, and have no words. I feel as if the world is all around me, and yet this silence and emptiness shows that it is not.”

          “Oh, but look again, my friend, and you shall see what is here in this moment.” My friends gestures in sweeping flourish and turns a circle in his flowing way.

          I look as he suggests and I see as I turn that people are everywhere, and that dogs and cats are playing their games, and the organ grinder and monkey are wandering through the crowd playing their magic for the children as they giggle and dance in glee.

          “What is this,” I gasp, for there was a moment ago just the dog, my friend and me in the world, now it is crowded and happy as a lark. “What is taking place, and what am I to do with this scene?”

          There is only that which you perceive, and then there is all that you ever perceived. How long since you have seen an organ grinder and his monkey? Is there a time when you found so many people with smiles on their faces?

          I looked at my friend and I saw that he too looked oddly unfamiliar, while I knew him so well. Why was the world so strange this day? I searched for an answer through the crowd and then I looked once again in my friend’s eyes. There I saw heaven, and the ways in which I perceived it. It was all there, all the thoughts I had ever had about heaven throughout my life. All the beautiful angels and the harps and the clouds and the beings with beards come to greet me at the gates. All that I ever thought it would be was right there in front of me in that moment of eternity.

          I blinked and it was gone. It was once again the blue of his eyes with me reflected in them. This was also as I had perceived, that I was he in a way that was beyond words. I was him, so why was it necessary to have him in another body? Was it because I needed to talk to someone and it couldn’t be what I perceived as no one else? Or was it because I would be perceived as crazy if I talked to myself?

          But then who would hear me? Would I consider myself crazy, and if so, what would it matter, for it was my world and I could make it anything I wanted?

          Ah-ha! That was it! I could make my world anything I wanted, because I was part of the whole! I was me and everyone else and no one could dispute who and what I AM, for in so doing they dispute themselves. It was clear to me now, that I AM all there is and myself at the same time. I could make this day for me anything I wanted, for it is my day, and everyone else’s.

          I strode home with my companion. The day was beginning to wane as the shadows grew longer and the sun lowered in the sky. As I neared my home I heard the sound of the neighbor’s lawn mower. Then I heard the cry of the children across the street echoing through the lengthening shadows.

          When I heard the sound of the mother calling the children in to wash their hands for supper, I knew that my house was just around the corner, for it was my beloved’s voice that called to my own children.

          I hurried to the sight of my home, and family; then I slowed my walk in order to gaze upon the scene with renewed love and appreciation. This is my world, and no matter what the weather brings, no matter what the day throws my way, I shall from now on catch it and play with it as much as my light heart will suggest.

          I shall be the best of all that I desire, and I shall look at life with a new zing and a new understanding, for I have seen heaven, and I have seen myself in all of you. This is my finest hour and I AM the day and the night and all of life forevermore. Sing a song, and join the chorus of all the organ grinders, and dance with all the monkeys for they know the Grace of God.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate