Wakeup Call Message
March 23, 2005





          When the dawn breaks on a new tomorrow there will be tears in the valley and cheers from the mountains from the jubilation that will come from the hearts and souls of all those on earth who welcome the wonders of the works of man and God.

          These are the days that try men’s souls and render them glad in the end, for there is much release in the trying and there is much joy that comes from the clearing. I AM Sananda, and I come to you this day with a song that reverberates through the valley of death and brings all of life to the glory of The Creator and the promise of everlasting life.

          When I was just a lad and ones would come to me with their tales of sorrow, I stroked their furrowed brow and told them of the secret of love eternal. I told them that there are no secrets in the light of The Creator, and that as their vision clears they will see the truth of the Word and know that it is their Word.

          When they then gazed upon my countenance they saw a refection of their light beaming forth from my eyes and knew they heard truth. You see, my dear ones, love lives in the hearts and souls of all of us, and when that love shines forth the secrets are exposed and rendered truth or fiction, and washed away to find its place in the heart of eternity.

          As you go through these days of clearing, and you find yourself faint of heart, just go a little further and see that the faintness is but a dream. This dream is one you will awaken from, and when you do you will feel the lightness of heart that is your birthright. With this new lightness you will be able to step forward in your truth and find a better way in which to express your love and be the light that you are.

          Give me your tired and your hungry, greets the weary travelers that come to the shores of a place deemed part of the New Jerusalem. These words spanned an ocean to find home in the land they represent. Now the ocean is coming to be the resting place of all the dire predictions of the past as they cleanse themselves of the fear of the day.

          Did you read the various prophecies and find any revelations of truth? Did you identify with the words that told of secrets coming to the front and being revealed to the world? These are words by which man determines the plight of his life on earth. These are the words by which identity is secured and prophesy adored. These are the words that take on different meaning as the truth of the happening comes to pass.

          When you find yourselves in the dire circumstances that would have been considered law, just ask yourself, does this mean that I AM to watch while my world is taken from me and blown out to the winds, or am I to take a hand and determine how my world responds to the words of another?

          Predictions are but a suggestion of activities of change. They are not the words that will be echoed in the corridors of time as true and unslippable. They are the words of foretelling that can enable you all to see it a different way, and in the seeing to experience that different way. This is the power of your thoughts and your vision in determination.

          I once came upon a man who asked me, “What am I to do? There is a man who told me he would see the end of the earth in exactly three years. How am I to live with that?”

          I told him to explore the feelings that came over him with those words. Then I asked him to ask himself if he accepted those words, or if indeed he would embrace them and turn them over to see the other side.

          He knew not what I said for his fear overtook him in the moment. However, after ruminating on this for a time, he came back with a smile and told me he had seen the other side, and that it spoke of the time that was past and the time that was now and that it was all the same. To him who spoke, that prophesy is but a tool to see the world as it has always been, and that was fine for him.

          This is a time for going to the other side and bringing back that which you see. This is a time for you to bring to truth that which you would have for your life. There is no brighter time for this truth to manifest than right now. So my friends, I shall see you on the other side and together we will bring it to the side that is your world and render it all the same.

          I shall see you on the bridge and when we reach the other side we shall cheer and raise our glasses to the nectar of the Gods, for we have delivered the goods and they are Holy.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate