Wakeup Call Message
March 30, 2005



 St. Germain 


          My dear ones, there is so much going on these days that is bringing the news you have been waiting for. I just want you to know that these things are taking place in a way that assures the success of the mission. I AM St Germain, and I bring you an update of matters as we see them.

          When we first came into this phase of the mission, it was with an amount of secrecy that was determined by all of you and your free will. That is still the case, and yet the degree of our involvement has increased because your free will has warranted it.

          We are taking every precaution to assure that this success is carried forth in as peaceful a manner as is possible. When we arrive on your shores and plains and fields, we will do so with security in place, and it is no mistaking that we are friendly and here to assist you in your cleansing and rejuvenation.

          This day finds us in the progress of bringing many pieces of the puzzle together in a final picture that will be seen by all on earth. With this picture will come clarity for many who are now in the dark as to what the actual truth is about what certain groups are doing. The revelations that are coming will dispel many fears and create some new ones that will very quickly be dissipated because the truth will be found to be incontrovertible.

          We are working around the clock to see that certain steps that are put in place remain as such, and that there is no disruption of the final outcome of our efforts.

          With the resistance that certain ones have to our activities, we have found a wonderful avenue in which to operate. As these ones carry on with each other in their own ideas of the best way to deal with our actions, they are fighting amongst themselves and finding that right under their noses their efforts are futile, for by the time they agree to any action, the point is moot, for it is already past their possibility of sabotage. We are finding this more and more as we go forward in our dealings with them.

          Another point I wish to make in this matter is that with the assistance of all you beautiful lightworkers, we are finding our part to be so much smoother and easy to accomplish. You are setting an energy of ease and flow that welcomes our activity and even in most cases accelerates it to the point that almost as soon as we have the idea, you are carrying it through with your intent. You are amazingly receptive to our thoughts of vibration, and because of this, you indeed are assisting us in this vital phase of the game.

          I see that there are many individuals who are responding to the increase of frequency on the planet. This is being shown in color and glow that emanates from Mother Earth, and from each individual as we focus our attention upon you. We see that in this moment of time you are finding the strength and wherewithal to come to a higher vibration and allow the abilities you have to work for you.

          I remember my times on earth and the learning arena that was established where I was. It was a beautiful lesson ground, and now I see that this classroom has done away with the old walls and given free reign to the areas in which you can learn and remember that which you already know. I see that the graduation class is all ready for the final degree of learning, and the reverse role of teacher to student is being played with increasing frequency.

          Some of you are following us in this game of cat and mouse, and some of you are finding that the chase is over for you, for your part in the activity is over. Now you are in a phase of holding the energy while the others pick up their parts and run with them. This is a wondrous race we all play and the experience is one of joy and energetic activity. It is a flow of waning and ebbing, and you are all participating beautifully as the tide turns and the debris of the old world is washed away with the new flow of truth and love.

          I recommend that you all find something to sing about today. Listen to your heart and sing the words and feelings that stream forth. Look into the eyes of a child and sing a happy tune with her. Play with your pet and frolic in the gleeful tones of communication between two souls who share unconditional love. Know that the work is done, and play is the key word from now on. This is the Legacy that you give to yourselves and to all on Mother Earth. Namaste!


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate