Wakeup Call Message
March 22, 2005



 St Germain 


          When the sun shines over the masthead the waves join with the sparrows and sing their way across the waters of forgiveness. They sing and shout of a new land and a new way of being on that land. They sing a song for you and for me and they do so with a joy that permeates all of humanity and all of life that exists within the realm of make believe.

          This make-believe is the one that you have created and in your creation you have found the release for the patterning that has propelled you through life. You have found the outlet that surely and securely has followed you through all of your days and on into the recesses of your mind and soul.

          I AM St. Germain, and I come to you this day with a score for the proceedings that pervade your every thought. I come to whistle a tune that bespeaks the growing anxiety that invades the peacefulness that is to be your vessel to eternal joy. I AM the receiver of the anxiety and the bearer of it to the forgiving waters of the Spirit of thanksgiving.

          Take this to your hearts my dear ones, for I AM here to tell you of the nature of things. I AM here to remove all of the doubt from your reality and show you its origin so that you may render it Light. You are the wonders of your dreams and the reality of your awakenings. You show yourselves the travails that recede into nothingness as you recognize your selves and see the world through new eyes.

          In these days of plowing through the field of love and forbearance, you will unearth a multitude of transgressions and send them off to the winds of transmutation. You will find that they are but mere traces of what they once seemed, and that now they are the soldiers of Light that will bring you through the recesses of your mind into the light of the new way of being.

          This is a solemn vow that you make to your future, and in that solemnity you shall awaken and find the smile on your face and the song in your heart that harmonizes with the Divinity of the waves that ride along with the birds of transformation. This is the final hour and in this hour lies the promise of what you deem to be the opening of a new day and a new portal through which the gifts of Light and the promise of love come full and fast into your new way of seeing the world that you create.

          This world will hold the riches of all your unspent dreams and all your broken promises. This world will accompany you in the treasures that are unearthed from their hiding place and brought out into the world for the perusal of all to appreciate. It is a fine time that we see here and now, and in the explanation lies that tale of the ages, that of the times of manifestation of all that has been planned and set into motion.

          I tell you now that this is the time when you will find thoughts that are manifested as soon as they are experienced. This is the time when you will no sooner think and it shall be. This is the time when you will realize the merit in monitoring your thoughts and changing the way you think. This is the time when you will realize even more the power of your thoughts and the manner in which you create them.

          I AM on my way this moment into the dregs of the thoughts that I found in the barrels of time, and in so doing I shall transform all that does not coincide with the love and the light of the Creator, for I AM the Creator of those thoughts, and I shall expunge the remnants of that which I AM not, and once and for all be the ultimate that I AM, then on into infinity.

          This too you can do and more, as one of my beloved fellows once said. This too is the power of all of you, thus I speak unto you of the power of man in the eyes of the Creator. Wear it well, for you have fashioned it after your own Spirit, which is that of all of existence.

          Fare thee well, and I shall see you on the bridge!


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate