Wakeup Call Message
March 18, 2005





          My dear ones of earth and beyond, there is coming this day a spurt of activity with your sun that will rival any thus far in this stage of your game. With this activity there will be a grand reunion of the forces of light and the forces of dark that has been planned for eons of time.

          When this reunion takes place it will herald the coming of a new day for earth, and for all of the universe. It will bring together all of the happenings that have taken place in the entire universe and render it as one.

          This new way of being, in unison, will take a few light years to reach your consciousness, and must there fore be regarded as the pulling of the ages back together in a line of purity that encircles the whole of All There Is and combines the energies of all that has taken place as one.

          Allow me to introduce myself; I AM Peri of the Unification of the Golden Stream, and I AM giving you all the warning that this event will forever, and irrevocably change your world and bring in the incidence of light that will be the grandest experience that you have ever had.

          When you see me, it will be with a grand amount of light that brings with it a mirror of yourselves. You will see that there is no longer any reason to doubt the existence of a Supreme Deity, and that you are as aware of all of your other experiences as you are of what you are doing at this moment. It will be that your sum total will be in complete unison with all there is, and that there is no difference, one to the other.

          I know that you wonder at the timing of this message, and that you care for the outcome as much as you do anything else that has come your way. I know too that you are aware that there is no other than the one who is within. This is an inherent ability your have to go to the depths and find the completeness.

          You do this on a deep Spiritual level, that sometimes your soul cannot even conceptualize. This is the nature of the Divine, and the hold it has on each and every one of you.

When I say to you that you will never be the same again, I do so with the fervor of a parent to a child who has lost his way and is finally finding his way back home. I say this for the purpose of bringing a faint recollection to you of your infinity, and of the measures that you have taken to assure your return to your Godhead.

Now is the time when the forces of darkness are feeling that lightness of being lightly rap on their door and beckon them home. They are gaining in strength in order to combat that which they resist. They do not wish to lose the ground they have gained, and yet they must inexorably do so, for they know in their depths that it is the only thing they can do.

It is not a matter of total and complete extinction that they fear, for there is no complete and total extinction within the Supreme beingness. What they fear is that they will retaliate and become their own demise. In their fear and inability to recognize their own infinity, they fear that they are not infinite and will surely cease to exist if they do not hold on to what they remember in their own forgetfulness.

They do not recognize this fear in their present consciousness, but on a deep soul level they hold tight that that conviction. They fear that they are their own enemy, and that if they let go of the hold they have, they will be forever nonexistent, and that to them is worse than any hell that they can imagine.

We hold these ones in a light of forgiveness, constant in its persistence. We shower our love upon them and beg the fears to surface and be seen and felt, for once all of that fear is released, then they will begin to find the totalness of their being. They will find that they will begin to remember who they are, and that they need not hold so tenaciously to the fear. They will find that the more they let go, the more they will feel the love that engulfs them.

This is the time for the reality of what is taking place to become second hand knowledge to all. This is the time to live this knowledge, and to allow the infinity of your being to surrender to the events that are taking place within your universe. As this takes place, there is a glow that comes about and encaptures All There Is with a lightness of being that completely frees every idea, every concept, every thought that has ever come about, and releases it to the unifying energy of existence.

I realize that this may seem a bit out there for some of you. We do not require that you conceptualize this right now, or ever. We see that as you are tuning in to the energies of change, you are allowing the cells in your body to become light, to allow the ones of you to be golden and to be the perfection that is infinity.

We see that you need not make any moves to become more, for you already are. What you are doing is letting go of all the ideas and thoughts of what you are, so that you may know fully and be who you are. This is the unification process, taking place, and you need only let go and be that unification, effortlessly, and with the freedom that creates perfection in expression.

I shall leave this transmission with the love that permeates All There Is in every given moment. With this gift of love, I AM returning that which you have given me, and all of Infinity. I hold this love up to the candle of truth and see the infusion of golden light that envelopes your lives at this time. It is Holy, and it speaks of your knowledge of the Infinity of your beingness.


Thank you dear Infinite Peri,

Love, Nancy Tate