Wakeup Call Message
March 21, 2005




          For all of you who are experiencing a state of in-ness, or not able to comprehend the moment in clarity and unity, I offer that this is but a temporary condition that will, before the day is over, recede and leave you in a state of clarity that supercedes all that you have experienced before.

          This is one of the effects that is taking place due to the energies that are infiltrating the planet today. With these energies that are coming directly from the central sun there is a washing of old tribulations that if felt through their exit would be far more than the consciousness could withstand.

          Thus this feeling of numbness and inability to focus on anything that makes sense to the present moment and the intent to go forward. This is a protection for you set up by the Galactic Federation, and the assembly of Light that accompanies its assistance in the higher realms. I AM Korton, and I am here to tell you that you have agreed to this change within your beingness, and this is happening in the natural flow of the times that are bringing on your ascension.

          What we suggest is that you go within this day, and see the light that is being emitted from your own central sun. This is replicated in the central sun of the whole universe, and in this wholeness is the degree of protection that is being expressed. Through this matter you are being expunged of a great deal of inner conflict that has its roots in the darkness that holds its light in reserve. This is the area where all the emotions and memories of the darkest experience of your soul are held. Indeed one might call it the hell of the soul.

          This is not to be confused with the hell of religion, for it goes far deeper than that. This is the place where the collective memory of damnation hides and festers in the antiquity of memory. This is the place where your soul dare not go without the energies that are being beamed forward now by your central sun.

          This time and occurrence was to be brought forward at this stage of ascension. It was foreseen by The Creator that this would be a necessary part of life on earth, and a vital part of the process of ascension at this time. Had not these memories been given berth to reside in this extreme area of forgetfulness, there would have been no ability to access your oneness, for it would have been too great a challenge to the soul. There would have been an exit from the light to the degree that it would have rendered all back to the Source, and the Great Plan over.

          Now I speak to those of you who are not experiencing this removal of darkness today. Those of you who find the reference I make to this strange and unlikely, are experiencing your own kind of protection. It is an active one in which you will likely find a new vigor and a new way of feeling about the earth and all that she is experiencing in these days.

          In this vigor lies the ability to supercede the emotions that have been hiding and the release of them at this time. You have been accessing them in a gradual manner over the past several years in order to balance the energy of humanity in this process.

          This is not to say that you have been expunged of all of the emotion of this kind, but that you have eased the excess out of your beingness and can therefore withstand this part of the phase with a much lesser degree of discomfort. You are holding the balance for those who will be bringing a new understanding to their lives and awaiting the process of enlightenment beyond their present state.

          When this awareness of their new lightness sets in it will be as a joining with all of those who have used the gradual method. It will be as if a cloud has lifted, and the relationship of certain ones will strengthen and be rendered whole. This will bring about a clarity of the reason for the relationship, and the purpose for their being together will come into a greater degree of clarity.

          This brings us to a matter that has been plaguing some of you of late, and it is that there has been some confusion as to how to relate to loved ones, and as to why they are together. This will also become clear, and then there will be a new lightness to their union, and a renewal of old feelings that will be brought into today. It is these old memories that are holding a cloud to the glow, and as this cloud lifts the love and light that unites will be obvious and will find new strength.

          We love you all, and we see the phases that you go through as our own, for we are indeed all one. We find that in our parts of this phase we are bringing to our beingness a greater degree of clarity of who we are, and our relationship to all of you. In this way we are able to bring to you a greater understanding of what you are experiencing, and can therefore be of more assistance.

          As I now go to my duties of bringing a flash to the proceedings of the announcement that is expected, I see that there is another stage that is to be acknowledged before that can take place. Had you thought of that? Had you realized that this is all happening simultaneously, and that all is in Divine order in the timing?

          We realize that you are all awaiting this gift of new beginnings and some of you tire of the wait. To that I would add that there is a Divinity in this proceeding that is being followed to the utmost. In this the acceptance can be expressed and the treasure that it holds of all of humanity and Mother Gaia is to be upheld in the highest expression possible.

          You in your ability to withstand this day will be pleased to know that this step is a pivotal one in the progression to the readiness to live this gift. Our hearts glow and fill with the love we have for all of you, for you all have stepped forward in this phase and declared your sovereignty, and your knowledge in the sanctity of this process today.

          We wish for you to allow this to flow and to treat yourselves to a grand day involved in anything that brings you peace and rest and a feeling of rightness. When the day dawns on the rest of your life, you will know that this day you rest in the loving embrace of the angels, the Masters and The Creator.


Thank you dear Commander Korton,

Love, Nancy Tate