Wakeup Call Message
March 25, 2005



 I AM You 


          One of these days there will come a time when there will be no more questions about the democratic way of being, and there will come a time when it will be the way of Spirit in a true democracy and a true way of being in oneís own integrity that will be the governing factor when it comes to living on earth.

          With that long-winded opening, I shall identify myself simply as the one who knows, and the one who cares about the way it will be on earth in your immediate future. For I AM from your future; and I AM You.

          With these words I take you to the halls of justice in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I take you to a place in the USA where there are many things taking place that are of value not only to the people of Indiana, but as well to the people of the nation and the rest of the world.

          This is a place where there is coming to bear a great opportunity for the ones of the world to observe the comings and goings of a great nation in the act of bringing itself to the highest form of governance that it can conceive of through the auspices of the higher energies of society.

          With this visit to the chambers of justice in this place we find a man who is bent on bringing his ideas to fruition. His ideas support the freedom of all man, and the institution of being oneís own authority. In this premise he holds his ground for the sovereignty that he knows can come forward and prevail.

          It is a tough battle that he has waged, and now he sees the end of the battle and the beginning of the victory song. He sees that he is about to be given a standing ovation, for he sees those around him lay aside their pencils and rustle in their seats to press upward to assembly. He is the last one now sitting and is encouraged by his fellows to stand and receive their unopposed congratulations on his victorious stand for all of his constituents and the world.

          This is no fair-haired student of political wonders; this is a man who has fought for his country in the old days. This is a man who has given his family the best he has, and then some. This is a man who has stood up for human rights and taken the steps necessary to fulfill his duties to the town he lives in and the state and country that he so loves.

          This is a man who rode against the staunchest of foes and won through the adversarial race and came through it with no enemies. He bade the ill will goodbye forever and came up with the knowledge that he is only as good as his heart dictates when it comes to friendship and the way of a democratic ideal for the world.

          There is no way to deny the love he holds for all of life. There is no way to suggest that this man is not in love with nature and all that is contained within and on the surface of Mother Gaia. This man gives of himself in every way he can and still he walks with a light heart, a light step, and a light countenance. He greets all he sees with the utmost respect, and he sees only love in manifestation.

This man is the representation of all of mankind. He is the example of what it is that lives at the heart of every nation, every town, every state, and every part of society on earth. This town of Fort Wayne, Indiana is the representative of every place, every home town, every location where man lives all over the world, and it represents the lives of all who commune together in love and a lighter way of building community for all of humanity as a whole.

          This is the world I see for all of you, and I AM You in the future. Arenít you glad that I have come to you today to say to you, ďStand up and take a bow for you have all created this in your authority as a sovereign citizen of this great planet earth. You are included in the Galactic Federation as a wondrous member of a great Star aotion, and we are all in this together finally and assuredly in the Oneness of our great Source.

          Letís celebrate and know that we have made it, here in Fort Wayne Indiana, USA, Milky Way Galaxy, of the Universe Nebadon.


Thank you dear IAM You,

Love, Nancy Tate