Wakeup Call Message
March 29, 2005





          Maybe by now you all have a good idea of what is taking place in your world. Maybe by now you have a faint idea of what to do to make sure that your world is as wonderful as you would have it be. Well my dear ones, this is the beginning of the time that will go down in history as the time when you began to take your world back and began to open your eyes as to the ways in which you have given your power to the ones who would seek to take it for their own purposes.

          Good day, my dear friends, I AM Hatonn, and I AM here to visit you for a spell, and to tell you of some measures that we have taken to assure that your plans all go as you intend.

          First I would like to explain something to you. This is your plan, and our part in it is approved and carried out by the higher part of yourselves. We are in conjunction with the plans that you set down with us on a level that is beyond the everyday life that you live.

          You confer with us on a level that you are only now coming into contact with in stages and various phases of your awakening. These stages are in place and opening you to your innate abilities right on schedule. For a time you were not using any of these abilities, and now you are employing approximately 29%. Do not be alarmed at the seemingly low figure. That figure is based on a start of minus 100%. There, now does that look better?

          You have come such a long way in the last fifty years, that we have seen your ability to accelerate your awakening tenfold. This is the way in which you will realize the ascension in a time that supercedes the former expectation.          Now I would like to address the incidence of betrayal of the facts of life to the masses. This has been ongoing for centuries, indeed for eons of time. Is it no wonder that you are in the state you are in?

          When the masses began to flounder and be lead to the slaughter, a button was pushed and the universe began to send masses of energy that contained the key for awakening. This was prearrranged by the hierarchy that governs the demise of a civilization and the rescue of that civilization.

          With this new energy of safety from annialation, an intent long ago set with The Source has been kept alive and in place. This is the time in which the Divinity of all of you is awake and operating in a dimensional shift that is taking back the power of the whole, and interfacing it with that of the Source.

          Understand that the separation that has been perceived has been merely that, a perception, brought about by the dissipation and subsequent closing off of the deity of man. This has been the clock of time that was set before time began, and the alarm has sounded.

          Before this took place, there was a subsequent alarm that sounded in the hearts of all of you. This came to you directly from the Central Sun of all of you. Realize that the same Central Sun that exists within each of you is the one that resides within the galaxy in which you reside. There is the oneness that you all know about. That is the substance of the oneness of all there is.

          See for yourselves what this means. See that this is the time when you are coming back to reside knowingly, openly within that Central Sun. Know that there is no other place that you have ever been, for without that you would not exist, not even as the spark of light that lies within and at the heart of all of you.

          With this premise for the enactment of the coming release from the fear that has encaptured all of you, there also comes a certain amount of adjustment. You are in that period of adjustment right now, and though it may not feel very grand to most of you, it is indeed the grandest yet.

          Do you know how powerful this all is to those of us who are monitoring your progress? This is something that all in the universe, and indeed other universes are keeping a close watch on, and ‘taking notes’ as to what we can learn from this occurrence. This is no plan gone awry and in need of rescue in the broader sense. This is the talk of the whole realm of existence, and it is celebrated through every step of the way.

          Take a moment to think of today’s activities in this manner: what if the universe was to open up a supermarket that sold only one kind of soap? What if some who came into the supermarket decided they not only wanted another kind of soap, but also wanted to have another way to use it. What if they were given free reign to decide for themselves how to go about it, and then supply the supermarket with the benefit of their results? What if they were then given all the resources that were at the supermarket’s disposal, and they agreed to intercede should the results of the play become too overwhelming?

          How do you think this would go over to the universe if they saw that this was getting out of hand and a bit more than had been expected? Do you think that the universe would go to the ones who owned the supermarket and tell them to cease and desist the goings on immediately? Or do you think that the universe might say, that the goings on could continue, for there was a lot to be learned here, but that there had to be a failsafe built in so that there would be a win-win for all concerned?

          Well, my friends, that is in a sense what is taking place right now. There is to be a win- win for all of existence, and the focus right now is on this little corner of the universe, and the audience is fully prepared to spring into further action should it become necessary. We indeed are quite active in that respect and have been for over two years now more actively since we have gotten permission from the percentage of you that constituted a majority.

          So my friends, take these words to heart and see how they live within your psyche. See how your heart feels about them, and then go out and be the representative of this world that you would see yourself as. That is your natural way, and it shines to the heavens like the brightest of beacons.

          We love your faces and we love your souls. We love all there is about you, and we rejoice that you chose to find the answer for your dreams of a new way of cleansing that surpassed all others. Keep the home fires burning on your world, for we have kept them burning here for all of you.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate