Wakeup Call Message
March 17, 2005


 Hi Everyone,
Well, here we are in beautiful, warm, sunny Patagonia AZ. We left our friend, Doris in the very capable and loving hands of her daughters. She is on a mercury detox program, and we will be keeping you informed as to her progress. 

We are going to be posting on the ‘tree’ site in the Healing Modalities section, information on mercury poisoning and the various ways people are cleansing their bodies of it’s insidious influences. Watch for it soon.

We are back in a Verizon area, and for the time we are here I will be able to bring you some Wake up Calls. We will be meeting with some wonderfully awake new friends; we will keep you up to date on our travels and adventures.
I received the following messages while in Safford.
Nancy and Bob

Hatonn, March 12, 2005.

My dear ones I come to you from a place on planet Earth. I am here on earth for a specific reason and that reason is to further the cause of peace in the Middle East. There is coming a great tribulation for many in this area, and it is something that must be allowed to work its way through for it is part of the rejuvenation plan for Mother Earth. And when this takes place there will be a difference in this area. 

There will be a noticeable change in the terrain in various parts of this area and this is for the purpose of bringing to life a part of Mother Earth that has long lain dormant. This is the time in which this must come back to life and be heard from in order for the changes all over the planet to synchronize with each other and then ascension can happen in its own time. 

There is to be a great bringing together of all of the religions on earth and when this happens there will be a unitedness that that will wipe out any concern that those of you who face this possibility may have. When this does come about there will be other implementations of change that will be in the works as well, for this must all come about together in order for the flow to maintain the light and to maintain the momentum that is set in place at this time. 

I see from my vantage here at this place on earth that there is much activity taking place in the United States surrounding the announcement of NESARA. With this announcement will come great change not only in this country but also around the world. NESARA no longer means only change that starts in the United States and will eventually leak out and flow out to the rest of the world. It affects the whole earth all at once, for the United States influence all over the world right now is at its peak. Therefore NESARA must have direct and instant influence on the whole world. 

This is not to say that all of the aspects, all the factions of NESARA will all of a sudden be in effect that is not as it is. The announcement will be made, and then these aspects these parts of it will begin the process, or shall I say will resume will continue the process of bringing about the change. 

Some of the parts of NESARA are all ready being implemented; that is to say the foundation is being built, and has been for some time, upon which for these issues to stand. This could not come to announcement without this foundation being laid first; this was made obvious in the last two years. Therefore we set about the program by which we would have the willingness and the involvement of various people in this country and around the world, in some preliminary work in this direction. 

There are those who have already started to bring the different issues of NESARA to fruition in their lives and the lives of those that are touched in the same way. And in doing this they have set up a scenario by which all the issues of NESARA can stand, can be implemented and can bring about the changes that they are designed for. 

Once this takes place, then the funds that are to be issued from the prosperity programs will be in the hands of those who are involved with the programs. They will be made available to them it is like the doors will finally open, and they may reach in and bring out the funds by which they will distribute to the various people on their lists. 

These members already have the necessary paperwork to be able to access these. The funds are in place and they will be distributed upon the announcement. When the régime, the present political régime of all the United States is replaced, then there will be in place a lighted body of individuals who will preside over the country in the interim before the elections take place. This lighted body will be able to implement the various measures that will be necessary in order to bring about the cleansing, the changes and the various orders of the people. 

The government of the United States will be transformed to be as was originally set down in the Constitution. It will be by the people, with the people, for the people. Their voices will be heard as they realize their own sovereignty once more, once they realize that they no longer have to submit to some others who would see that their authority overpowers those of the people. 

This lighted realm, this lighted body of leaders will hold counsel every day in the interim for anyone who chooses to come and air grievances, submit plans, requests, have a chat; whatever it is there will be an openness to this government has never been realized in this country before. 

This kind of governing will eventually become the way of governing of the whole world, for this is what's lighted body's are all about, this is how they operate. There are no secrets, no hidden agendas and no taking it upon themselves to usurp the power of any individual. It is a complete unification of all of the people contained within the society on earth. 

As I stand in my position within these hallowed halls at this place on earth, which I will not disclose in order for the security of the place to stand, I see that there are forthcoming several different occurrences that will most likely lead to another brick, another rock being set into the foundation for the announcement of NESARA, and these most likely are the ones that will secure the foundation, close the final gap and render it done. 

When this takes place it will be for some people as 100,000 angels singing in their psyche, for they will be able to hear the frequency of the celebration of the glory of the opening of the coming days of unification and freedom.

I would be honored to answer any questions you may have.

Bob: Oh, good! I do have a few questions. From your vantage point are we talking about now possibility of this announcement sometime this spring? 

Hatonn: I will say this; when the winds blow forth their glory, and the blossoms burst forth in their beauty they will be doing so in the celebration of new beginnings. 

B: All right before we go on to some other questions is any of this information thus far to be spread via the Internet or just to certain ones? 

H: You may share this with whomever you please; this may go out to the fullness of the world at your discretion.

B: OK; is there anything else then that you would like to say publicly about what's going on, the landings, anything that would be of interest to the public?

H: There is one more thing I would like to say at this time, and that is that when some of these earth changes take place that are working themselves to this point off expression, shall we say, there will be bodies of land that will take on a different look. There will be changes within the population of the earth, and this is a grand gesture for the many souls who have chosen their next move. 

The loss it represents for the loved ones left on earth is undeniable, and I ask that you find it in your hearts and your souls to understand that these ones who have chosen to leave in any of these events do so with a deep, deep love for mankind, for earth, for the whole universe. Their celebration upon return to home goes unheralded in any other time such as this. 

So dear ones, when you hear of, see, and even personally experience any of these events, these changes, these leavings of loved ones breath deeply into your soul and your spirit, and find solace in the majesty and the love and acceptance that is there to help you through any periods of sorrow, confusion you may have, for they are giving you all a beautiful gift of life in the light and the love that you have promised yourselves. 

B: Thank you Hatonn for this very nice update, and we shall get this out to the proper places. Now we will see what questions Doris might have. 

Doris: This eruption of Mt St Helens, is it a prelude to the earth changes that will taking place?

H: Yes I do my dear one. Mt St Helens; consider the name of this mountain. This dear mountain is one of us. She provides for us an expression of release; she provides for earth an expression of release. And in her release she allows a diversification of earth changes that can bring about the minimum amount of catastrophe on earth. She provides a pressure release that not being present could render certain a section of the globe in the greatest turmoil that can be considered. 

There is a balance that she provides in doing this, and in so doing she brings a degree of comfort to all of mother Gaia, and allows her energies to disburse in a wider fray in order to lessen the discomfort that her changing, her cleansing must effect. So Mount St. Helens is indeed a saintly being in service not only to the continent of North America, but also to the whole globe. 

B: Anything further you would like to tell us before we say good-day?

H: I would like to stay that when you go to sleep at night, and when you close your eyes to dream realize that you are meeting with those of us of the Tribunal of Interstellar Affairs and you are planning the next moves that will be made between earth and our ships. There are plans being sent into place that will provide for smooth operation of these visits, and there will be a sharing between those who visit us on the ships from earth. This will all be part of the cleanup of mother earth and her people and society. 

As my dear colleague, Sananda has been sharing with some of you fine people including Miss Candace, there is to be an increasingly playful interaction between all of us. In that we will make a party of this cleanup. There will be work crews, there will be committees, there will be people all over the globe who will be joining us, working with us in getting down to the nitty-gritty, and seeing to it that your home, that you beautiful, beautiful hostess, Mother Gaia, get this housecleaning done so that you all may go out and play for the rest of your lives. 

B: Thank you Hatonn.

H: You're welcome and I'm always here at your bid and call.

This is a short message I received from Hatonn three days after this previous one.

Hatonn, 3-15-05
You are going to be surprised at what I am about to tell you. It is that there is not going to be an announcement of NESARA this week. It is going to be in the hearts and minds of all on earth and will come forward without the usual fanfare surrounding such an announcement. This is going to take place at a time when there is the least resistance to this kind of news. As news is an energy, there is a time when the energies are most receptive.

When this takes place, then the announcement will be able to come forward and be accepted by all. This will be determined by the allowance of the people who have been able to download the information and comprehend the news that it carries. Then the announcement will not be stopped by anyone or anything for the momentum will be such that there can be nothing to stop it.

With this shortcoming of the illuminati, there will be no receiving by them of this news for they cannot comprehend the frequency of the information, for it is entirely out of the range of their will, this is the set up that we have come up with, and with this there is to be a grand scale of 1 to 100 that will read at about 79 who will comprehend and accept the news when it comes. A year ago, that number was more like 29 who would be able to accept without fear; now we are ready to bring this to the world, and to know that it will be met with joy, trusting and acceptance.

Realize that this is a great change for the people of the world, for it means that you are at a greater proportion of awakening than only a year ago, enough to throw the acceptance over the edge and forward to completion.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate