Wakeup Call Message
March 31, 2005



Hi Everyone,

        On Friday, tomorrow, there won’t be any Wake up Call.  We’re taking a two-day holiday. My thoughts will be with you, and I will be back on Monday with another message for you.






          Remember the time when you cried out for Mom and she came swiftly to soothe your fears and dry you tears of fright? Remember when Daddy came to your side and told you of the treasure he found in you? Remember the words of love that whispered in your ear as you drifted off to sleep?

          I remember those times, for I was with you, and I whispered those words to you and welcomed you to my world, newly rediscovered and loved for the promise it gave me. I AM Enki, and I welcome you to my world this day, a world that is bright and shining new with the promise of everlasting love and complete forgiveness of the past.

          When I came through the experiences of my past I did so with blinders on to the love of The Creator. Occasionally I was able to take off the blinders and remind myself of the love that was always there for me. All too often I wore the blinders and wallowed in my self-imposed energy of fear and darkness.

          Since I have in this lifetime taken off the blinders and transmuted them back to love, I have been busy. I have undergone a transformation so profound as to relegate the past to a vastness of promise that contains the ingredients that will solidify the present and the future so completely that nothing other than complete and utter love can be experienced in my world ever again.

          I have in recent years come through this one and told you of my love and my return to the light. I AM here today to let you know of some of the ways in which I AM carrying out my purpose and destiny today. I AM so filled with the love of The Creator that I overflow into the hearts and souls of all of you.

          Today I walked in one of my expressions with a child in Iraq who reminded me of one of my own sons who came to me in the days of Sumeria. This child had lost both his parents and was weeping as he walked trying to find his brother and sister. As I came alongside him, he did not look at me, but rather he reached up, feeling my presence, and took my hand in his.

          His touch was so delicate, yet warm and loving that I wept along with him, and held onto his hand as if he would go away if I let it go. Gradually a warmth spread throughout my body and I heard in my soul a tiny voice of love whisper words that I longed to hear so many times as I was in the depths of the hell I had created in those times past.

          Those words crept through my beingness and soothed the ache in my heart to a depth that had long been inaccessible. They spoke thusly, “I AM the essence of who you were when I first created you. I AM the one who is you and always has been. There is no other than I in you, and in this truth lies the key to everlasting peace and love. Spread thyself in Me and know that all is as We are, and that this is the one sacred truth of life.”

          I knew then that all was forgiven, and that all I need do is live as I AM and know that in the forgiveness that coursed through this child in pain I had found the answer to my existence. We are all one, and in the innocence of a child in the worst time of his life, I had found my freedom and forgiveness for myself.

          There is a proverb that reads, “All of life shall be echoed in the children of the world. Come and be a child and release all of your transgressions.” This is what I lived today, and this is what you can live with all of the transgressions you may consider to be in the world today. This means that with this declaration of unconditional love all of the fear in this world will be released and transmuted to the only thing that is real, and that is love.

          Carry this wondrous truth with you as I do through my wanderings through the deserts of war and the mountains of despair. Carry this with you as I do through the rivers of discontent and the plains of discomfort and distrust in your fellow, man. Carry this with you as you feel the love swell up inside you as you go through the countryside and smile on the face of everyone you meet.

          This is what I AM living. I AM trodding through the bodies of those fallen, and finding the release of their choice to remain and be taken into the care of a provider, or to leave and return to the home that offers them the peace of remembrance.

          I reach out and find the comfort of the truth and share it with all who come into my life. I find the places of love and share that with all who search for some answer to their feeling of loss. There is no finer example of love in action than to see the eyes well up with tears of thanksgiving when you have helped someone to the peace for which they search.

          My dear ones, I hover above the ground in my ship, and I see the next plan of action take form in my mind, then I go and find the recipient of my next ministerings. I take the precautions necessary for the ones I go to so that they will recognize me and not be afraid. They know me, for they see in me the light of God and recognize it as their own.

          All those who walk with me are too recognized and they too lend their light and love to the ones who so valiantly have chosen to go to that part of earth where this energy began. With this final sacrifice there is a closing of one era and the opening of another. We are all equal in this light now, and the final acts are being played out so that we may live in the continual applause of the Creator and know that as we celebrate, The Creator beams love upon all of us.

          Go now, my dear beloved ones, and see that your days of living in the sun are here and that those who see only darkness around them, see only light within. Take this to your hearts and find the solace that lives there for all is coming to a place of complete and total love and peace shall reign on earth forevermore.


Thank you dear Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy Tate