Wakeup Call Message
March 24, 2005





          Follow your dream and you follow the purpose of your life. Follow your heart and you follow the roadmap of your dream. This is the formula for determination if you are on the path of promise and everlasting love, for it is the representation of your Godself and the journey that you create along the way.

          I AM Avenda, and I see that this one is the example in this moment of what she would present to others. She has come from afar and held her light to the past shadows of her life, and seen the ones that pop up out of her memories disperse with the laughter and the joy that she allows to burst forth from her heart.

          This is not to be a message about this one, for she would stop me in my tracks at this point. It is about all of us, she would have me say. Yes it is about all of us, and do we not represent each other in our search for the furtherance of our own understanding?

          As we find ourselves in the various parts of our journey, we sometimes do a double take and ask ourselves, what was that? How did that happen, and for what purpose? This is not a journey of boredom and overcoming of the laziness in life, but a seesaw of ups and downs and merry-go-rounds. It is a circus that brings us the fullness of experience and the laughter of otherís mirrors to ourselves.

          When we place ourselves in certain situations we do so for the purpose of bringing a greater understanding to our lives, and of allowing that understanding to reach out and touch others. When do we get to see the clarity of the violet flame and allow it to transmute our lives and begin the second part of our journey?

          My dear beloved ones you have seen the violet flame and you are in the second part of your journey, about to leap into the third. This is the time when all the pieces start to come together and you see the perfection in every moment and every occurrence that leads you to the final outcome of the moment.

          What is that final outcome? It is but the jumping off place for the next and the next. Have fun with this one. Show how you can invent laughter and joy. Be the peacefulness that you would see come to the world, for this is where it starts, right in your own heart and soul.

          As this day progresses there is a certain amount of laughter that comes with every moment. Some of it is stored for the outburst that moves mountains or makes a tired heart smile. This is the promise of every moment and when you live in that promise you live with the Kings and Queens of Heaven.

          I once saw a child small and weak become transformed with the laughter of his friends. This came about through the innocence and play of the children in the park. In their gift of laughter this boy grew to be six feet tall in his innocence and he remembered who he was in that moment. With this realization his weakness transformed to a strength that he had forgotten from the time he breathed his first breath.

          As he stood and soaked in the laughter, he began to hear a tune floating through his mind. This tune became his anthem, and as it flowed it healed and he began to hum the notes as they restored his strength. When the children heard his tones, they too began to hum, then the hum turned into playful, exuberant song interspersed with laughter and gaiety that could bring a lost soul back to himself.

          This is what happened that fine sunny day in the park. The children tuned into their innocence and sent it forth at the invitation of the one who would benefit from it. This was an example of the oneness that expresses in the innocence and joy of the Children of God.

So go out there and be as a child this day. Go and play and watch your world transform into that of lived purpose and the laughter of abundance. This is the secret to eternal youth, and you have the key to that which is not really a secret after all.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate