Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 28,2003

          Good morning, I am here to tell you that there is something afoot in the world today. There is going to be an onslaught of love come down in the last hours of the day that will curb the rebellion within the hearts of many.

I AM Sananda, and I welcome you to the energies of change once more. This is a change that will bring you to the auspices of the supremacy of the land. This is the energy that will govern the development of certain trials that will come together in the hearts of man. These are the trials by which certain unalienable rights will be examined and brought to the for-front of the court of the world.

Because of the destiny that is beneficent to the people of earth, there comes a time when all of the ones concerned in a project must come together and find an equitable and just solution. This is the case at this time. There is no greater story than the one that is being told at this time. When the origin of this tale was presented to the beings in the tribunal court there was overwhelming support for the governing of that story. This laid claim to the holographic image that now spreads itself over the globe; and lends its energy and blueprint to the activities of the people of the earth.

I was included in that blueprint through all of my days on this great planet, as were you. There is nothing that you have done in your various lifetimes that did not deposit its energy onto this blueprint. That is why you are here in this lifetime, at this particular time of the passing. You are connecting with this energy, and allowing it to transform the activities of your beingness. This is a Divine manifestation of your trust in the auspices of the cosmos in its abilities of the Creator.

There is nothing that can be said any stronger than to trust your own instincts and intuition at this time. Follow the urgings that strengthen your resolve to move forward in the cause you present to yourself at this time. Though it may seem trivial, or it may seem not to wend its way with the many who step forward in their expressions, it is nonetheless the energy in which you are being the blueprint that you deposited for this time.

There is one more item I wish to inform you of, and that is that there is no wonder that the people move forward in their lives with the utmost respect for the leaders of their land, that is until of late. This is the way it was set down; it is deeply ingrained in your blueprint to follow the leader till the end of time. This is the end of the times as you know them, my dears. This is the beginning of the new times, when all leaders will appoint representatives of themselves in the carrying out of the affairs of state. You all will be the leaders, and your intent will be carried out in the fashion that is jointly set down.

No longer will the people put their lives in the hands of a chosen few and sit back and allow their sovereignty to be usurped. This is the beginning of the times when each and every one on this earth will start to awaken the sovereignty within and reclaim their power. There is no greater place than a place where one stands on hallowed ground; and this is determined hallowed because one stands on it with the supremacy that is his birthright. I tell you now that the sheep are back in their folds and the lions are in their den, and the reigning ones shall come forth and multiply in the measure of their Creator.

I come to you in fullness one day. You will recognize me from the reflection of yourself in my eyes. You are the promise I made to you over two thousand years ago, and I am here to see the fulfillment of that promise. I love you all with a completeness that magnifies all there is. Good day, my dear friends, and verily I say to you, you are the ones who will walk with me in the Garden of Eden and know me as One with you.

Sweet blessings and love to you.



Thank you Sweet Sananda,

Nancy Tate