Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 21,2003

It is a morning for celebration, even though to some it may seem not. Believe the wonderful energy that you feel as the troops are withdrawn from the fields, and the casualties do not mount up. There is to be an uncovering of certain facts that will bring the situation to a brighter light than has been previously seen.

I am Sananda, and I tell you that there is no need for fear; for fear is not the emotion of choice for those who walk in the Light of God. Hear me now, and hear me well; there is no need for fear, for what you are seeing played out on the other side of the globe is but mere propaganda and not be taken seriously.

I come to you with news this day that tells of a different story than what is broadcast in your media. This is the story of the arc that sits in the Holy place in the hearts of all of you. This is the story of the everlasting promise that is taking place within the energies of time and space. There is no time in which the energies of war have not been at the forefront of the history of man on this planet. What is going on now in the time that you live in is the playing out of the last wages of war that will be of consequence to you all. This is not Armageddon we see. This is the reversal of the energy of that trial. This is the other end of the spectrum, so what you see is a rumor of war, and not war itself.

Allow me to explain: this is the time in which all the energies of karma are being absolved. This is one of the conditions in which the new energy is being played out. Without this war acting there would remain the dregs of the old energy. This is a fine scenario we see played out at this time. Those who station themselves on the battlefield do so with the supreme honor of being instruments of Gods Holy plan. They do not die; they are immortal. There is no life lost here, only a shred of the illusion. Come to the place in your hearts where you know the truth lies; feel the resonance that stirs in your innermost being as you read these words. Allow the tears to wash away the cobwebs of the remembrances, and go to the deepest part of your knowing and find the place in which the celebration can begin.

I am in awe these days. Do you not wonder from where the term was inspired? Yes, there is Divine guidance in effect here. Even Judas was in Divine guidance; he is my dear friend still, and always will be. I love all of the people who have ever set foot on the soils of earth. They have been everything to me, and are standing beside me now as I bring this message to your comfort. You are the stunning carriers of the light, and you find that the way is rough at times. That is because you do your purpose so well, my dears. You fall into the energy of the upliftment of the darkest hour of beautiful Mother Earth, who has supported you for all this time. She is playing the violin and singing the sweet refrain that will echo through the forests and the waters, and sound as a sweet drifting breeze across the plains and the deserts of her beingness.

As the blood spills upon the soils of the deserts, the lifeblood is supplanted by the light of the tenderest emotion that can ever be felt by any being. The love and compassion flows strong and sure through the mists of creation as it wends its way through the avenues of make believe.

This is the story, my friends, of the coming of the end of the suffering. There will be no more battles started and called in the name of nothing. This is the end of the old way of being. Call it the truth of the ages, for it rings with the whispers of the dove as it wings its way into the hearts of the angels of mercy. There is no sweeter time than this right now, my dears, for this is the culmination of all that has come before, and it is the promise of the peace and joy that are just over the horizon.

I leave you now with the song of forevermore. There is no shame, and there is no guidance that is misleading and hidden. There is only light and the joy of seeing it played out in the wonderful energy of love.

Thank you dear Sananda,

Nancy Tate