Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 10,2003

          It is a lovely day for a stroll in the park, or a leisurely day sitting next to the river as it gurgles along in its merriment. Well, what are you waiting for, out the door with you! Hello, I am Sananda, and you don’t often hear me bring you such words and thought, however it is time to lighten up, my friends, It is time to take back your authentic selves and walk along the seashore of life with a spring in your step, and a song in your heart.

          There is altogether too much somberness in the world today. I know that events are playing themselves out in the shadows of the meanderings of the ego. This need not control you, and make you hang back in those shadows with the ones who perpetrate them. It is up to you to make your world full of sunshine, and let the ones who choose the shadows play with them all they want. The best way to create a world of peace and joy is to start in your own backyard.

          There once was a boy who lived in the dark always; he was blind, but only to the outside world. His inner vision was as glorious and bright as the sun that shone upon him as he walked along with his devoted dog in the neighborhood where he lived. This boy, though being spared the sight of the illusion, did not shut himself off from the world. He loved the world and everything in it! His world was one of sense; his sense of who he was, was unique and brought him a great deal of pleasure. Within his beingness lived the glorious knowledge that he was a child of God, and that was all he needed. From this knowledge came a zest for life that corralled the demons that might have cornered him in some dark corner. Instead, he loved those demons, till they were the angels they were originally. You see, the demons were the result of the outside voices that kept saying he was to be pitied. He listened to those voices for a while, and even bought into them long enough for the demons to form. Then he started remembering how it had felt to love his blindness, for it gave him the opportunity to keep a sure vision of what love really was. That love was not only a love for all that was around him, but for himself, most of all.

          One day the boy had a dream. In this dream he was sighted, and the outside world came into his sense of sight. It was the first time in this lifetime that he was able to see what the outside world looked like. It was incredible! Why was he so hidden from the magic of the trees and the flowers? How could he live without ever seeing a sunset again? Why was he going through this life without being able to see all that was around him And why, why had he been given this fleeting glimpse of the world in his dream?

          All these questions filtered through his mind as he lay there waking from his dream. He wanted to cry out and blasphemy the God that was so cruel as to take away the very thing he never had, but for a moment. How could God be so cruel? Tears stung his eyes, and he lay there with sobs coming from his heart. He couldn’t hear the quiet words that answered his pleadings, for his sobs drowned out the truth. Finally he quieted, and asked again. This time he heard, “My son, I have given you the gift you asked for. You wanted to be able to know that which you could not see. You wanted to understand why you are different from all the others. Now you have seen what they see; now you have been introduced to the illusion that they put so much stock in. This is a world of their making, and it is the only world they know. You however know much more than they, for you have seen and lived with the inner workings of your soul and Spirit. They are not to be pitied, nor are you. Things are the way they are, because you have all made the choices that created what your life is.”

          The voice stopped, and the feeling of love was so strong and sure that the boy had to catch his breath for a moment. When he released the breath it was as if he released all the burdens of the world. The feeling of lightness was so profound that he couldn’t help but smile and giggle. Then the voice started again; “You have found the part of you that kept hold of the burdens of the world. Through your times on this earth, in other identities, you have clung to the burdens that kept you captive, and created the sightless life you are experiencing now. From this day, you will go out into the world and be able to see all there is to see that is beautiful and loving. You will not have sight as most do, but you will have no difficulties, for you have released the hold on the weighty parts of this existence. Now your light will shine forth for everyone to see, and they will be affected, and will not feel sorry for you. They will love you and only see your beauty. And that is the way it will be for you, for you will see them as they really are, and know that you are blessed beyond belief.”

          The boy felt a tremendous love wash through him and it never left from that day forward. He carried that fullness of Spirit in his consciousness for the rest of his life. Everyone with whom he came in contact he saw as the tremendously beautiful Light color that they were. When he saw a disruption in their aura, he was able to administer the energy of healing love, for the person to accept, or not. He became known as a great healer, and people loved him as they did me. For you see, my friends; I was that boy in a parallel existence. You didn’t hear about that boy who grew to be a great, blind healer, for he did not live in your reality. He lived in another reality with all of you, but until you have full recall of who you are, you will not remember consciously that wonderful boy who was a messenger of God; and you didn’t know about Jesus, for he was not a part of that reality.

          Are you beginning to find a taste of the fullness of the life you live? There is so much more to this life than you have consciousness of; but that will change, my dear ones. When you have reached the state of ascension, you will have a wonderful coming home to yourselves that will bring new focus into the clarity of your beingness. You will be home; and it will be grand and glorious! And you will find a parallel that will go beyond even your most wild dreams.

          I leave you to your day, and the potential to surpass the wildest of your dreams in this day. Play a little, love a lot, and join the two in song. Blessings to you; go in love.


Thank you dear Sananda,

Nancy Tate