Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 24,2003

This is a morning of love and good will between all people. It is a morning to go for a walk and treat the day with your light. Greetings I am Kryon and I love the ground you walk on.

It is a splendid day to bring a flag out into the open, and decorate your love with the honesty of the ages. I say to you that there is no greater love than to stand behind the principles by which you live your life, and know that there is no greater beauty than that with which you walk through this life.

The idea of bringing to this existence the honor and mis-information of the ages is the idea to provide a platform on which to express the ideas that go into the teachings of the heart. There is no truer expression of the heart than to honor the feelings with which you pass through every moment. This is an integral energy to accomplish the heights of your established brevity in the eyes of diversity.

This is what there is going on in your world these days. Do not cower in a corner; it is not wise to also carry forth the idea that there is anything other than peace in the land as well. But look around, you say, is not there battle on the other side of the globe? I say to look within your heart and see what lies there. I say to look deeper than that, if you do not see peace, and bring that peace that is always present from within the depth of your beingness. It is always there my friends. It is always at the ready for you to bring it into your present beingness.

Long ago in a small village in East Africa a small child rose in the morning and walked into the early light. He looked to the people in the village and saw that they were distraught and looking into the forest. He followed their gaze, and saw a pack of lions devouring what was left of a gazelle. This was not according to the laws of nature, and he wondered at the event. How was it possible that this king of the jungle would allow himself to act in such a way? He moved a little closer to the throng, as they stood mesmerized by the sight. Then he heard a low growl coming from the brush a few feet away. There in the underbrush of the huge sycamore stood a baby lion cub and two gazelle babies. They looked on to the sight with a look of innocence and awe. There was no other way to describe the expressions on their countenances. The boy walked over to the cubs, and stroked their coats of soft fur. He stayed with them until the feasting was over, and the adult lions were done with their meal, then the mightiest of the lions moved over to where the boy and the cubs stood. He let out a loud roar and stared menacingly at the boy. The boy did not move, but stared back, and let out a roar of his own. This was the least he could do in the circumstances, for he had no clear path in which to run back to his village.

So he stood his ground and did not allow the fear that threatened to overcome weaken him. He stroked the fur of a cub, and laughed when the cub rolled over and invited a tickle to his belly. Soon the other cubs were all rolling and being tickled with soft groans and cries of delight. The adult lion watched from his station a few feet away, turning his huge maned head one way and then another. He too then started to make soft sounds of play and gentleness, so mesmerized was he with the sight. Then he glided over and laid himself full out on the ground beside them. His eyes met the boy’s, and they implored, “Please tickle me as you do the young ones, for I have not heard such innocence since I was a mere sniff of a cub”. And the boy reached out and the play began. There was no greater, or more heartwarming sight than what followed that day, when a mighty king of the jungle became a pussycat in play that fine day. He rolled in the grasses, and tumbled with the cubs and allowed the boy to ride on his back in play.

The villagers watched as this went on for nearly an hour, and they too were mesmerized by the goings on. They remembered in their hearts the times of their youth, and they took themselves there in the merriment. Soon they found themselves smiling through the day, and doing the jobs of the day in happiness and glee. Even the most arduous tasks they whizzed through with superb accomplishment.

The boy, in the meantime, when the play was over, and all lay in peaceful slumber form the frolicking, thought he heard a whisper from the mighty king. The voice rumbled and gurgled from the throat of that massive neck, and said this, “I am a mighty warrior, and I come to make your day a better one. There is not greater love than to be who you are in your innocence. The gift you gave me today is the gift of completion, and I honor your oneness with me. I now crown you honorary king of the jungle with me and all of my kind; for you are mighty and you are gentle, and you are blessed with the power of the one.”

The boy stood after a few moments and ran his hand along the coat of this king, and then he sprawled full out along his back with an embrace that said everything. You are my buddy, you are my friend, and I will always love you to the utmost of my ability, which is endless. Then he strode off toward home, and greeted his family with the love that still rested in his beingness. His life from that point changed, and he never forgot that king of the jungle, even though he became a great warrior, and traveled extensively over his great continent.

He became a leader among his people, and he accomplished great things. His life exemplified all the majesty that a great king would bring to his people. On the day he died, as the people gathered in numbers of thousands, out of the jungle crept a huge old lion. He walked slowly, but his gait was strong and sure as he approached the gathering of mourners. A hush fell over the crowd as the lion drew near the crowd. He stopped at the box in which the leader lay. He raised one mighty paw, and gently stroked the hair that lay thick and glossy upon the head of the leader.

The crowd murmured at the sight, but they knew the energy was safe; it held them in a spell of love and strength. With the stroke, the lion purred in playful gurgling. He raised his great head and roared a plaintive sound that rang through the countryside and reverberated against the mountains in the distance. Then he laid his huge body down beside his old friend, and he closed his eyes for the last time. As the crowd watched they saw a gentle white fog envelope the two and reach for the heavens. Within a few moments the scene cleared and the two kings lay in silence, with a peaceful serenity over all that gathered.

Soon one man stepped out of the crowd. He told them he was a cousin to this leader, and had been in the village on the day that this lion had met this small boy. He told them the story, and told them of the bond that had developed that day. He told them of the lesson he had learned, and that was to never allow fear to lead you through this life, for it is not the natural way of it. To allow love and innocence travel along beside you with every step, is to be the very best you can be, and shine that out to the rest of the world, in honor of their journey.

I say this to you my dear ones; that your journey is of the lion’s and the boy’s. There is no greater honor that you can do for the world than to be the very best you can be, and live your life in the love and peacefulness that is your natural state. It is a great roar that we hear when the kingship of all is in perfect harmony with the power of nature. It is the springboard from which miracles are born and songs are sung in the name of glory.

And so it is!

Thank you dear Kryon,

Nancy Tate