Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 20,2003


Good morning to all my friends on this planet of free choice. This is a morning in which there are few smiles, and many trembling hearts. I say to you that there is more to the situation than meets the eyes. I am St. Germain, and I come to tell you that there is a force present that is as bright as the new morning sun, and this force is the force of God that shines forth from everyone of you in this land of plenty and deprivation. You see, my friends, there is a coming time when all will be in equality, and there will be no differentiation of class and abundance.

But this is now, and you are crying for the upheaval that is happening, despite what we have been telling you. We did not say there would not be upheaval on the other side of the globe. We told you there would not be mass destruction; there will not be annialation of your people. We have seen a beautiful coming together of the hearts and souls all over the globe, and that was the promise you made to yourselves and each other. That was the promise and the result is felt in the bond between all of you.

It seems that there are two in this world who totally control what happens. This is not the case, for it is all of you. You are all taking a part in what is happening right now, and that role is playing a big part in what the outcome will be of this event that is capturing the hearts of the people. Feel the stirrings of coming to the assistance of your neighbor. Is it more than just offering a cup of sugar across the fence? Is it more than releasing the torment that is present when someone of different color moves into the neighborhood? I see that it is much more, and it is strong enough to move mountains, and redirect rivers to nourish the villages. I see that it is enough to turn weapons into ploughshares, and anger into love and compassion. For you have done that, my friends, in the days leading up to this event, you have awakened your love for each and every one of the people on the planet, and you have recognized family.

How, my dears, can you know Thine enemy if you do not produce all that is hidden? This is the secret to being able to see that there is no enemy, for when it is all laid on the table, and there is nothing hidden anymore, then the truth of the root is visible, and that root will show itself as being connected to you, and therefore part of who you are. So when you turn on the reports of the events on the troubled side of the globe, see it as being rooted right where you are. See it as being no different from you, and a very similar path is being followed as you have followed. Then look at your life, and see how you have moved yourself through it. See the wars you have fought with yourself, and know them to be no different from the wars of the world. And see that you are standing here in a much freer place within yourself than you were before each war you waged with yourself. Apply that wisdom to the present state of the world, and rise up in that knowing and press that energy forward intro the world situation, knowing that you do make a difference.

The fight is not over yet, and the battle has only begun. There is to be a continuing skirmish in the land for a time, but this will be determined by your cries for help from the ones who love you. This is you, my friends, and it is us. We are at your side, on the battlefield and at home. We are wherever you are, and we are filling you with the love we have for you. Even in the loneliest bunker, you are not alone. For we know the battle you go through, and we know that you are going to come out of this victorious, no matter the view from the outside. Your choice to play this role is bringing you to the epitome of your performance, and it is sweet, my dears, though it does not seem so at this time, it is sweet, from where we stand beside you. We have our arms around your shoulder; do you feel it? Take a pause and feel the breath on your cheek, as we console you with a kiss. You are our family, and we love you for who and what you are. We see the huge picture and recognize the splendor of it. You are glorious, and you are immortal, and you are going to be able to remember why you came here and what you have accomplished thus far. Then you will know why we love you so, and why we have come to this place and whispered, well done. I am Kryon, and I have joined St. Germain in this greeting on this morn, to tell you that we are awed by your presence and your ability to bring the beauty shining through in the times of darkness. For deep within you know that there is no darkness, only the other end of Light. God is always with you, and that is the way of it. Remember? Remember.

And so it is, with blessings.

Thank you dear St. Germain and beloved Kryon,

Nancy Tate