Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 19,2003

Good morning, I am Kryon, and I wish to say to all of you that there is no need to fear, for the light is on and the troops are in the field of light. There are no shadows in the land of the living, for the land of the living is in the hearts and the minds of the loved, which are all of you.

Today you walk in Grace through a field of clover. There is a magic to the tone that is sung throughout the annals of time. There is no greater feeling of peace than when you find the perfection of the single blade of grass resting against the fragrance of the lily in the field of love.

Tomorrow there will come into place an enduring theme that will ring through your hearts as a petal on a rose. This will bring to you all the glory that is the light in your eyes as they see the truth in the shadows that rest in the glen. There is a large aspect of tomorrow that is determined by the events of the day. These events are the determining factors that will bring the peace so longed for into the hearts of the multitudes as they walk through their lives in the knowing of their true selves.

Stand among the flowers and taste the sweetness as it blows through your senses. Is there any greater aspect of the gentleness of life? While your way between the rows of grasses and feel the softness on your face as the breeze stirs the murmur of the blades in their song of love. Find the healing promise of life and love in the nurturing elements of Mother Earth while all around the world seems in turmoil. Know that this is the trueness of the world, this beauty that surrounds you in its love and gentleness.

I see you all trembling in your sleep and warding away the events of the day as they threaten to overcome your peacefulness. This is a dream, my dears, and you will awaken and find that there is nothing to fear. You will find that there is an awakening that is taking place in these battlegrounds. There is no danger here, but the undoing of the illusion that is coming forth in the pains of labored birth. The new life that is being born is that of the everlasting presence of the eternal now, in your consciousness. You are the Holy Grail that has been promised through the eons, and you are loved and lovely beyond compare.

I say to you now, and hear me well, for it is a truth of love that I speak. There is no greater alliance than that which the supposed enemies keep with each other. There is great purpose to this coming together in showdown. There is ancient pain being healed here, and this is the time of mending and coming together of old loves and old promises. Do you hear the death throes in the echoes of the past? They wail the undoing of the old memory. This is a beautiful time in the history of man, for it bespeaks the time of the coming full circle to the raveling of the web of unity. This is the time of old when there is no more unconscious love; there is no more unknowing action. Ancient memory walks the fields of battle and declares it done. The flag of victory bears the emblem of eternal life, and all of the symbology is waving in the breeze and declaring a tryst of love and community for evermore.

I come to you in love and I come to you to wash your feet in the tears that you shed over the land. This is a time for rejoicing, for the love that is being created and opened for review is far more beautiful than ever. We weep at the sight of it, and at the sound that resonates within all of creation. Step to the plate and see your time at bat as the time of the great victory over the illusory perceptions that once overshadowed the Light that is now shining bright for all to see the truth as it reveals itself in the hearts and the minds of the beloved. You are the beloved!

And so it is.

Thank you beloved Kryon,

Nancy Tate