Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 03,2003


          Tis a good mornin’ to get out of bed and sing a song of joy! Greetings, I am St. Germain, and I come to you from the halls of the most venerable court of the land. I come to you from the shores of the highest peaks of the mountains of the Lord. This is the time that is going to bring the leaders to their knees, and the followers to their feet.

          I bring to you news of the coming instituting of the periods of peace that will rest in the hearts of the mighty and the meek. There will be no compromise, for in compromise is the defeat of truth. I tell you that the game is coming to a close, and the finest period of truth, and the living of that sacred truth, is soon to be the way of life on planet earth.

          Due to circumstances that have nothing to do with the eventual outcome of the wars that are being averted, there is coming a period in which there will be a complete re-vamping of the policies in which the relationships of all the nations on earth are governed, and the compatibility of all men and women will come to the front and be recognized.

          My friends, this is the time in which you will all recognize the relationships you have with one another. This is the time of the awakening of the self within, and you will all feel more of a familiarity with each other as time marches on. Already, there is that recognition taking place for many of you. Already the veil is being drawn from time to time when you pass someone on the street, or meet a new neighbor. It is as though you have known them all your lives. Well, my dears, you have, and then some. This is why the doors of decision not to take up arms is going to become even more prevalent; you will not be willing to fight your long lost friend or relative. You will cease to regard them as strangers, and you will pick up the ploughshare instead of the sword.

          To give to the cause of might and justice is to give to the truth for which you have labored over these many eons. This is the culmination of all the times on earth when you have kept yourselves in the dark concerning the truth of your beingness. Now is the time when that truth is being revealed to you by the energy that melds with yours and acts as a stirrer up of the fixins’ in the pot. Now is the time when all that has come before rises to the top, and is recognized for what it is. When the fat congeals with the cooling, then it can be removed; and the contents, the meat of matter of the mix, will be seen and ingested to provide the substance of the mix as nourishment for the feeding of the soul.

          The way is clear, my dears; this is the recipe for the successful interaction to the relationship that brings lasting peace to the land. The knowing of Thine selves is the successful completion to this part of the play. Soon there will be no battles waged, and no presentation of time-plans for the intercession of the other energy of war and the overthrow of the people. Realize that when I say soon, when I refer to time at all, there is a relative energy to it. This is the result of the interplay of choice and the playing out of the energy of change. Flexibility is the middle name of this concept of time, and the usage of the concept must be met with that in mind. It is really up to you to draw the line in the sand, and express the interaction between this point and the other.

          My friends, this is the second time I meet with the leaders of the world in this manner regarding the matters of finance and war. There is a fine line that is strong and sure between the two. There is no denying that the issue of money and the issue of war are inextricably linked, as surely as mother is to child. To address one without the other is to leave success in the street. The tie that binds the two is the need for power, and the desire to hold it all in the hands of the ones who follow the ego motivation. There is no need for envy here, for to envy is to see only one side of the story. To see the whole picture one would then be satisfied with the authority of one’s inner beingness. This is the condition that the human brought to himself, in order to learn the completeness of herself, and to bring a measure of expression to that Self.

          Now we see that whole scenario being played out on the land that has supported it all. This Mother Earth is a grand Goddess indeed! She has been here for so long that there is nothing She has not seen, nor experienced. She has been the rock and the water, the plains and the mountains, the deserts and the lush countryside, the sweet and the sour of all she represents for a place of life and death. Now, there is a position some would take to destroy forever Her gifts and Her dowry to you all. This She will not allow. This is not the inheritance She will leave to the cosmos. You are Her children, and She is using her most powerful attributes to bring you into the fold of Her wings, and tell you the tale of Her love and your beginnings. Listen to Her as She speaks with the whisper of the breeze that ruffles your hair on a bright summer morn. Hear Her sweet words as She sings Her song of love in the trills of the birds in the trees. Pay attention to the gurgles of the brook as She tells you her tales of life in the slow lane of love. She has lots to remind you of, and the truth of all of it is that She loves you always and loves you still. To be kind to Her is to be kind to yourself. Consider that when you destroy any part of Her, you destroy a part of yourself, for that is the truth, my friends.

          So go to your places of work and leisure this fine day, and know that somewhere out there in this vast home that serves you, is the banding together of many who love you in the pursuit of the intent you have shown us. That intent will bring about the end to the thought about war and all that follows in that energy. A bright shining future is on the horizon, and when you open your eyes and see that bright shining sun you will know that you are in heaven and it is right here in the arms of your Mother who loves you. Make it sweet, and make it joyful, for it is Divine, and it is Love.

          I shower blessings upon you and heap you with love, as I join sweet Mother in song.



Thank you sweet Master St. Germain,

Nancy Tate