Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 26,2003


When you wake up in the morning

And you go out to the street,

And you see the children playing

In the treasures that they meet;


There’s a humbleness about you

And a powerful retreat

Takes place within your heartstrings

And gladdens your swift feet.


There is no greater song sung

Than the one you hear that day.

And the wonders that surround you

Are the ones you see in play.


So take yourself out to them

And let them show you how

To bring the sunshine outward

And let it shine right now.


For there is no greater sorrow

Than to know yourself in vain

Then stay in that soft shadow

And not hear the refrain


Of love’s sweet wondrous laughter

And love’s wondrous game

Of sunshine and the rainbows

That always follow rain


I tell you now there’s never been

A brighter day than this

When sunshine fills the cups of man

And always overspills


Into the wondrous element

Of laughter when it shows

That there is nothing sweeter

Than life in sweet rainbows.


So decorate your life with song

And let the sweetness in

For there is nothing you can do

That bespeaks the finer things


Of life and love and fantasy

That gathers to your door

In sweet recovery of the song

That sings forevermore.


            My friends this has been a lovely refrain that comes to you in the wonderful energy of the higher being of this one who brings these words to you. I am St. Germaine, and I host this one who delivers the beauty in verse and in song. She knew not of her glory, for she always thought this was from someone outside. However this is the result of the melting of her heart and soul into the beauty of the song of love that comes forward in verse, and gladdens the hearts of all who hear.

            I say to you this day that she is coming forward in more instances of her own wisdom, and the awakening is happening because she is allowing the presence of more of her light to shine forth and be recognized.

            This is the way it happens for all of you, my dear ones. When you stand up for the happiness that you know is yours, then you release the shadows of yesterday and allow the blossoming of the beauty that dwells within. Come my dear friends, and allow more of the same into your lives, for there is no greater glory than to be the best you can be in story, in song and in love.

     I bid you a great day and a wonderful pleasure to fill your hearts with love.


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate