Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 17,2003


Tis a morning when all the little people roam the land looking for sustenance, and a rearing of the wee ones in the light of the day. Good mornin, I am St. Germain, and I wish to tell you of the countenance of the earth as all stood in vigil last night praying for peace, and locating the love and joy within their hearts that bespoke the wonders of mass unity and the choices that are made in peace.

There is a lot to say for the mass recollection of the bonds of unity. When one joins with another in the same message, there is a commonality that is formed; and within that union a quest for the answer is at hand. The answer to this particular quest is one that will shape the world in the coming days. There is no far greater semblance of peace than to find it in the heart and soul first; then you see it reverberating throughout the world in a wave, such as was experienced last night.

There were those who remained in their homes in the comfort of the warmth that surrounded them. This was a choice that bore more accomplishment than standing out in the cold and rain. This was a choice made from knowing oneself, and realizing that sacrifice does not bring peace. There were others who did stand out in the elements, and knew for them that their choice was also one that brought peace, for to them it was not sacrifice, but an example of what one would endure to exemplify their love. My friends, there was no inappropriate action last night when it came to the vigil for peace. It is in the intent, and the intent of all who knew about it was to accomplish a peacefulness that flowed throughout the world. This it did accomplish.

The children of the creator are the ones who bring the mystery to the doorstep of the Almighty. The answer is revealed through the looking glass that shines from within. The reflection that can be seen is always perfect, no matter the image. There is no wrong image, no right picture. It is always perfect in His eyes without the stamp of judgment that the duality places upon it. Therefore, when you made your choices yesterday, you made them in perfection, according to God’s Holy Ordinance.

I tell you now, my dears, that there is no greater word than the one that is expressed through the oneness of the Holy Spirit. That is what we experienced yesterday. That was the message that rang out loud and clear on the inner plane as you all shone your candles in the energy of peace. I will tell you here that the message was heard loud and clear, and the reverberation had its effect on all of the world leaders. You may not see a loud difference in the events of the day; however, there is a certain element of turning that was accomplished through your intent.

So my dear ones, on this day of celebration of the wearing of the green, I bring to you another element to celebrate, and that is of the inspiring message that was received around the globe. We find it fitting that as in the corner of the globe that is in celebration on this day, there has been expressed the same peace around the world. It is a beautiful thing, and we are deeply moved.

My dears, take your glory and go forth into this day knowing that you have accomplished a great deal through your intent; for this is the day of the warring’s ending in the hearts of the ones who stood in vigil. There is no greater example of what lives in ones heart than to express it to the world from that beautiful light that glows strong and sure within.

I leave you now to your day and your celebrations. It is a grand day in the annals of time, and I speak to the lot o’ ya in the glory that is Ireland, and the glory that is Mother Earth, for all is one, and all is glorious!

Thank you dear St. Germain,

Nancy Tate