Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 12,2003


          This is a morning in which the world is going to sit up and take notice. The eventual state of the world will reverberate from this day, and the ones who see it as a wonderful challenge for the people are the ones who are tuned in to the largeness of it all.

          Good morning my dears, I am St. Germain, here, and I wish to make an announcement to those of you who are finding solace in the coming announcement that has been brewing on the back burner for some time.

          There is coming to the land a peaceful co-existence with all the nations of the world. The ones who now seem the farthest from that peace are the ones who will be the first to benefit from this changeover. First the treaties of the countries involved, and there are more than two, will be brought to the table and signed by all concerned. There is to be no war, and there is to be a further armistice concerning the munitions storage that has been uncovered by the inspectors.

          This is not likely to hit the general knowledge for some time, in its entirety; however, the effects of it will be felt by all very soon. When the parties concerned leave the esteemed office of the leaders of the world, they will do so with a feeling of great satisfaction and pride in the work they have done thus far. It is not without a bit of guidance that they have come to this conclusion. We here is the realm of the Almighty have played our part, and the results have been heartwarming.

          Once this news hits the attention of all the world, there will be rejoicing in the streets, for the people will see that their voices have assisted to this end, or might I say this beginning. For without this peaceful resolution there would be no new beginning at this time.

          I say to you that there is no greater wonder than to see Spirit in action! The beauty of so many taking their power back, and rendering the shadows as the emptiness they are, is the new beginning that has been promised by all of you, for all of you. This is the time in the history of man when the records will show the peaceful turn around of all the warring factors of the world. There will no more be a compounding of the battles that take place within, shown on the battlefields; for the inner battles are being quieted and loved into submission by the compassion of the heart and the soul of mankind.

          When this new peace rings throughout all of the world, then the new work will have already begun. This will come forth and make changes in the infra-structure of the society that will begin to support the freedom and the abundance that will help to propel you all into the new way of being on this planet. I salute you all, and I salute the leaders who have come to the supreme understanding of where their wisdom lies. It lies in the hearts and the souls of all of their family, and that is all of you, and that is all of us. We are one and we are beautiful in our love.

          I leave you now to your day and your celebrations. Blessings!


Thank you Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

Nancy Tate