Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 14,2003


Tell a story of love and communication to the children of the world, and they will spread it far and wide to bring peace and love to the commonality of the earth. Good morning, I am Lotar, and I bring to you this morning a tale of love and peacefulness that flourished on a planet not far from our solar system long, long ago. We have it in our annals of the history of the universe here on Jupiter, that there was a planet that shone in the distance from our planet in the southern sky (I use your terms for clarity of communication). This planet was one of great Light and beauty, for it was inhabited by creatures who belied the laws of gravity and pull to the center, in the name of the powers of the One Allness of Being.

This planet strove to bring a semblance of that Being into every aspect of their expression, right down to the very act of breathing. This was not a desire among all the creatures of that planet, for there was one faction that continually tried to step outside the mold that was perpetrated through the beliefs of the rest. This faction tried to become a different part of the whole and whole unto themselves.

This desire drove them to deliver certain blows on the others at every opportunity. They continually sidetracked the majority in the ministrations of the land and its goings on, in the name of release from the fold. This did not sit well with the hierarchy of the planet, so there was called a tribunal that sat in the great halls and began the process of meting out a reasonable way to bring these renegades back into the flock.

No sooner was the meeting convened when two of the renegades made their presence known and referred to their passion as the only way to come to an understanding of who they are. Theirs is not to follow blindly as sheep in a flock, but to go the extra mile and find who it is that really lurks under the façade that is given them at birth.

Well, I tell you that this caused a great deal of consternation among the group who met in the name of the One Being. They were much distressed for this was surely going to lead to a mess for the others. The small group that was represented by these two, were going to become alone and separated from the rest of the creatures, and then they would surely perish. They cared about this, for they were as is the One Being, and so they did not wish for them to be outcast in any way.

At the meeting, the one of the two, who was far younger than the others, stood and declared to be heard. He announced that his stand was this, “I am going to stay and remind you all of how you got your beginnings. This is a vastly different place than it was when you first started on this planet. The years have been good to you, and the times have been rewarding. But it wasn’t always that way, was it? Do you remember how it was when you were early on this planet? Do you remember that you had some ideas of your own, and you wanted to implement them in a grand fashion? What happened then; did you have any opposition to the triumphs that you brought forth?

The creatures thought for a moment, and then they realized that this young one knew far more than they thought he would. How did he know about their beginnings? Was he a stranger sent here from another star system, and bringing a message from the neighborhood? Or was he here in disguise to send us away from our path of worship? The creatures felt threatened by this young one, and they cowered in the corner of the room.

The young one cried out; “Do not be afraid! I am sent from the Great One Being, who loves you all, and wants you to remember how it was, and see that it is happening again. What we do is not against the One, but in the name of the One, and new beginnings. This is a beautiful, and natural thing we do. It is as when you were young and the newness was fresh. It seems now as if it has always been as you dictate, but if you remember it was not always this way. There was a time when your way was new and feared as is ours.”

The creatures in the room stopped their cowering, and listened to the One speak inside their beingness. They heard the words of their beginnings, and recognized them for the truth they had just heard. Their cheeks glistened with the tears of knowing, and they drew the two into their arms and cried their glory over their coming. There is just no use in finding a measure to keep these ones from finding a new way, for that is the way of the natural. They left the esteemed room and gathered in all the public gathering places, spreading the word far and wide, telling all of the wonderful new freedom that they were to undergo. The One of the All had reminded them that they were stagnating in their own beliefs, and they were from this point going to strive forward in the newness that keeps them fresh and vital. The creatures all over the land from that day on wore smiles and achieved greatness beyond their wildest dreams. Love was everywhere, and music filled the air.

My dear friends, this is no fairy tale, but one that actually took place on a distant planet. There is a truth to this story that resonates throughout all of existence. It’s essence rings true for all; and it is the story of the greatness of God’s expression, through all of creation.

I leave you now, and urge you to inspect the desires of the day, weighed against the dreams of yesterday. It can be quite revealing, and can free you from your self-imposed bonds. I love all of you, and wish you all the freedom you can bring yourself with the love of the Creator.

Thank you dear Lotar,

Nancy Tate