Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 06,2003

          Greetings, I am Kryon, and I greet you this fine morning with a prayer and a window of opportunity to soar to the heights for which you were born. This is the closure of the troubles that you have been undergoing for some time. There is a lantern in the window, and the window is the one to your heart.

          I am pleased to bring you the news that the world you live in is in a whole new energy of awakening. When you feel the confusion of change seep into your being, you are feeling the nuances of the old energy finding their passages through your body systems, and on out into the field of energy that is the All.

          When you feel that perhaps the energies are far more than you can bear, breathe deep my dears, and know that all is well, and the freshness of clarity is coming through the fog of indecision and confusion. Hold on to the knowledge that you are Godís children, and that you are never separate from the comfort and power of the Almighty Presence. All you need do is reach out and touch His hand with your despair and loneliness, and you will find that His love is right there awaiting your invitation.

          The energies of change are bombarding the senses right now. This need not be a time of stress and tribulation. To know that assistance is at your fingertips and at your disposal is a fact that cannot be said too often. The nuances of the feelings of old stuff are the propellants by which you are purposely clearing out the residues of forgotten memory. When the times seem to be more than you can bear, then stop and breathe, remember how easily you can reach out and feel our presence, for we are always at your ready.

Take time out from your daily meanderings, and just be still for a few moments. Go into the sunshine and feel the breeze on your cheek as the sun kisses your nose with its warmth. Listen to the birds as they sing their song of welcome to the Spring. Watch the tiny, winged insects as they stretch their newness and flitter from flower to leaf, and back again. Allow the healing properties of a new day to sing through your heart, and awaken the joy that lives just under the surface of your sorrow. For you are a part of that newness. The pain you experience is but the labor pains of new life, and joy in the living. Be good to yourself as you experience that.

We welcome you to our bosom, and we feel the pain you experience. We know the strife that seems to infiltrate your every move at times. We also feel your joy and your love. We know that the feeling is ever wondrous, and we bring it back to you for your pleasure. Remember the kiss of a child upon your forehead? Remember the smile of the grandmother as you bring her the new kitten to love? Remember the whistle of a train as it rounds the bend and comes into view carrying your loved ones back home? Remember the squall that brings the needed rain to cool the hot summer afternoon? These are all the little memories that you can recreate and bring to yourself for the pleasure of life and its many mysteries.

You are all loved and treasured by every one of us. You are the gift you bring to the universe, and beyond. For you have come so far in your wanderings through this journey. And the way is clear, my dear ones, for the time of arrival to the goal of the eternal life on earth. You are so close to your destiny, and the unfoldment of the new way of being on this wondrous planet you call home. You are a part of this planet, just as the rocks, the trees, the forests, the rivers, everything that has been in your experience on this earth, is a part of the whole. So nurture yourself, and be the very best that you can be for yourself, even if it means doing nothing but being with the childlike innocence that transports you back to a gentler time, when all was magical and pure, and the days were filled with the innocence of new beginnings and cherished moments.

          You are all my wonderful ones, and you bring a beautiful sense of peace and love to the planet. Find it in your hearts, and take that feeling and immerse yourself in it, for it is your gift to you, and there is no other more deserving of the love that you have for yourself. We bathe your feet with the tears we shed from our love and our comfort. You are our family, and we love your presence in our fold.

          And so it is!


Thank you dear Kryon

Nancy Tate