Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 07,2003

            Good morning! There is a long road to the end of the drive, and the way is clear to the totality of the venture. I am Diaclosities, and I speak of the event that takes place at the UN in these days of decision.

            Do not be swayed, my friends from the on coming tide that is full of the persuasion of the fearing factor. This is the backbone of the element that will back up the idea that war is the only way to counter the moves that are made that do not reflect the desires and demands of a few.

            Within the halls of governing bodies lies an energy of contemplation of the powers of a nation. There is an undertaking that is more powerful than any mere mortal human, and that is of the being that lives within that man. That is the force behind the actions of the ego. This is no news to you all, yet there are those of you who would benefit from hearing these words once more, for the fear can be very persuading at times.

            This one, through whom I speak, is scolding me to not go into a place of politics; and I agree. What I am addressing at this time is a humanitarian concept that there is no idea of war, and that there is another way in which to approach this whole subject. You see, we here in this realm have seen the outcome of the principles of which I speak. It is as if the concept of war does not exist. Consider that for a moment; consider that there is no such thing as war. How would society look in that respect?

            Consider that there was a leader who wanted to rid the world of the prospect of dearth and destruction, and that war was not an idea. What would be the avenue of action? Would it be possible that the action taken would be to visit the house of the tyrant, and inspect the drawers, the coffers, and every part of the house that could hide means by which the death and destruction could be carried out? Think again, that there would be no idea of soldiers going off to the battlefields; and ships, and planes would not load up with weapons and head for the aggressor’s homeland.

            What else besides the inspections might take place? How about sitting down over coffee, or tea, and discussing the merits of finding a solution to the problem that is at hand? Oh, sure, that can work, you say, as long as both are reasonable in their ministrations. But what of the underlying desperation that leads them into this situation? What do they do then to come to a peaceful and mutually binding resolution?

            I tell you, my friends that this is the way it happened. This is the magic “Pill” that brought all of the wonderful energy to change not just the ideas, but the people as well. That is the core of the issue, is it not? Remember, that within this realm, the peaceful solution has already happened, and the world is at peace and united in purpose.

            What happened is this. A bomb was released on the people of the Middle East, and then the contents of the bomb exploded, and the result was that millions of people were covered in marshmallow fluff-like substance. Yes! The bomb had been tampered with, and the result was to shower down upon everyone a sugary substance that contained not only a harmless substance, but also an element that was introduced to the world that would be responsible for adding an element to the soil and the atmosphere that would have properties to clean the offending elements of disease and waste, leaving the earth cleansed and re-invigorated.

            Does this sound like a fairy tail? Do you think I have gone off in a direction of fantasy, and I am not to be trusted? I tell you that there is no greater solution to a puzzle such as the one you find yourselves in, but to meet it with humor. This is no place for humor, you say? What better place for humor than to bring it to the table of justice and support of peace? How else do you find the energy to lay aside the injustices of the world, than to bring the element of joy and humility to an otherwise proud and arrogant existence?

            I am telling you now, that that is what happened. That is the element that was brought into the world and the negotiations that brought a peaceful solution to the issues at hand. Humor in the face of desperation can bring the house down in seconds. Have you ever watched a performance, and laughed with a sense of surprise and relief, when the tension was broken by the unexpected relief of comedy? This is the energy of which I speak. I’m not going to give you the details of what worked, for that is up to you. Times change, circumstances change. The outcome can be the same, with differing details. That is the way of the dimensionality of Spirit. No matter the size of the situation, the energy is the same, from the one on one, to the nation against nation; the same grain of sand can stimulate the outcome in the same way.

            So, my friends; I have given you this day a challenge to consider bringing a lightness of humor into the ideas of bringing peace to the world. You can start with yourself, and then take the scenario out into the world and apply it to the totality. I suppose you expected a complicated, precise method from me. No, it is to keep it simple, my friends; keep it simple and pure, for that is the way of Spirit.

            Blessings my friends, and happy meanderings through the auspices of humor, for it can save the world.


Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate