Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 04,2003

          It is a good morning to take a break from the wild side of life. It is a good morning to go on a journey to the ends of the earth and back. Hello, my friends, I am Diaclosities, and I wish to take through the realms of antiquity to the present day. I will be your guide in this journey and I will be living it as I take you.

          This is a condensation, for time and space does not allow the fullness of the trip. Our journey starts with a place on earth called the Highest Atoll of the Himalayas. It is a bleak, yet beautiful spot on which there are a number of people who sojourn for their annual feast to the Gods. They climb to the top of the mountain, and they bring along the feast of carefully chosen foods, walnuts from the trees in the valley, cherries that have been dried and preserved specially for this trip, flowers of the yak tree that hold significance in the property of forgetfulness, dried figs for the appeasement of the Gods in the rite of fertility, and several flasks of wine made from currants and honey. These items are used in ceremony, and are believed to be the reason that they continue to thrive in the majesty that they enjoy every year.

          This is the start of the journey into the antiquity of ceremony throughout the land. There is always a ritual that interferes with the darkness that seeks to descend on the lives of the people. This darkness is dispelled from the people during the ceremony and given to the Gods to make Light, and return to them in the form of prosperity and well being in the coming year.

          When the people of the earth continue on their evolvement they continue to bring ceremony into their lives. They climb the mountains, and sojourn into the deserts, bringing their ritual apparatus with them. They find within them the ancient memory of all the ceremonies that have ever been played out, and they keep the energy going in order to perpetuate the aspect of dark into light, and all there is in between.

          Through all of history on this planet there has been ceremony in all parts of the world. In Burma the people use the eye of the yak; in Peru they use the wonders of the kingdom of the yew; in Afghanistan they employ the wonderful stand of walnut trees that throw their nuts to the ground for the use of sacrifice. There are as many ways to show the respect for the abilities of the Gods as there are tribes on the earth.

          As the world evolved to a higher standing in the frequency, there came a lessening of the ceremony. The sophistication of man steered them away from the tribal beliefs. The intellect of man was above all that; the primitive way of life had been left behind. So too, had the simplicity of the standards by which the people lived their lives. Now there was no room for that simplicity, for a new technological way of life had emerged. Now there were machines, and ways to build things that involved the presence of the intellect to figure out how to gain for themselves the things that would make their life abundant and wonderful.

          So the world changed, and the outcome of the technology sent them all over the globe. People from Afghanistan were mingling with people from Argentina; and people from Spain were bringing their culture to the people in the northeast corner of North America. There was a melding of the different cultures, and the unique quality of them all was being lost and compromised; except for a few holders of the flame of each particular tribe of people. These few shamans, medicine men and women, keepers of the wisdom, all kept sacred the teachings of the old ones for the preservation of the people of the world. They knew the value of the old ways, for they were steeped in the energy of the Gods, and the Gods brought to this world the ancient wisdom of the one true God of all there is. This was wisdom that was timeless; it came from the Fathers of Creation, and their Fathers and Mothers before. It was always there, and the ancient ones knew that it would always be there, for it was truth; and truth is for all time.

          Now we come full circle. We have come to a time when there is no room for ceremony in many circles. Within these circles there is only room for what the intellect can bring forth. In other circles there is only a truth of the power gained from all the others who have relinquished their power over to them. That leaves a number of people who have either kept their power, and cherish it, or who have taken back that which they realize can only be used by them in the pursuit of the gifts that their Creator can give them. In these numbers lies the promise for the people of the world. For within these people is the potential for the spreading of the power of the One. There is a great deal of energy of flux surrounding all that is now; indeed it makes up all that is. When the forces of darkness are shed from the beingness of anyone those forces are attracted and pulled to the same energy, therefore perpetrating and sating the thirst for the same. This is what is happening in the world today. There is the achieving of balance that is necessary in order for the evolvement of the people to continue to the point which the ancient teachings have prophesied.

          The people of the world are beginning to come back to the advent of ceremony. They are finding the ancient memory that kept their lives on an even keel for so long. They are finding that they can take the technological advances that are present, and employ the use of ceremony to keep the aspect of the Holiness of the God of all, the Creator, in everything that happens in this world. More and more the people are waking up to the reality that there is nothing that is worthy of their attention without the reality of the Divine. Without the acknowledgement and interaction with the love of the Creator, there can be no sense to the ways of the world. As they shed their darkness, they shine their light even brighter, and reach out to more people, so that they may see the light that lives within them selves, for that light reaches out and meets with anotherís, and shines forth for even more to see. And the beat goes on!

          So here we are in my realm of existence, seeing all that you go through to create your lives through your choices. We have been created in this realm from all your dreams and thoughts of success in the Divinity of God. We keep the light burning strong and sure for you when ever you reinforce your desire and intent for the best that God can give. That is our purpose, for we are you in manifestation of the Highest. Ceremony is our fuel, and intent is the energy that creates, sets the blueprint for creation. Ceremony is the fuel that keeps it going. When you gave ceremony in those ancient days, this is where the results were deposited. We have been around since you have, for the intent for the life of the Highest has been around since you first set foot on this desolate planet, and proceeded to create the home that you once called the Garden of Eden. What you are doing now is bringing the two or more realms together, so that we may all live as one. Ceremony still exists in the hearts and minds of all of you. It just has a different face, and a different feel, but it is there. Look for it, and recognize the energy behind all the little things you do. See how ceremony is still strong in your everyday lives, and see how it is born out in the yearly events that comprise a great deal of your energy and your beliefs.

          I leave you now to your day, and your contemplation of the ceremony that is present in your life. It is a grand new awakening that is coming to your existence, and I am with you all the way.

Salu, and blessings to you all.


Thank you wonderful Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate