Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 31,2003

          This is a fine morning to be alive and cheerful. I greet you this day with a fist full of fun and laughter; I am Diaclosities, and I am the epitome of how it is to be joyful in the morning

          Are some of you stuck in the sleepiness of waking from a dream that either puts you into a state of bliss, or sends you into a dither because your life is so darned hard? Are you one of those who needs that cup or two of coffee and a good hour to be civil, or are you the irritatingly (to the others), cheerful one who jumps out of bed with a song and a smile?

          Well, let me tell you this; there is no problem going to bed at night with a frown or a smile, it is what is done between then and the morning rising that determines how you are in the morning. Do you believe that? It is determined by the nature of your experience in your sleeptime and the way your body chemistry works with the electro-magnetics of your system. This, in conjunction with the dream experience, is the determining factor of the way you wake up

          You think it is your own peculiarity that makes your waking experience the way it is with you; well in a way that is true. It is your unique stamp that propels you forward into your expression of the morning. It is this thing you call morning, or night person. There is reason behind this; it doesn’t just happen.

          Now I am telling you that you can change that, if you want to. I realize some are so stuck in their own stuff that they think they would find no comfort in a change. To them I say, that’s fine; that is your choice. To the others, if you care I can explain how it works and you can take it from there.

          There is a gland in your head called the pineal gland. This is the gland that contains the information to go to the brain and tell the story. In other words, it is the driver of the information. Once the information has gone from the pineal to the brain there is a collaboration between the brain and the pituitary. This collaboration is the agreement that is made to understand and deliver the sequence of events that is fed to the brain. This gets fed to every cell in the body. In turn, this info is used by the cells to keep the balance of the function of the body. When there is an imbalance, the body uses its old programming to determine the motis operendi, whether it be what is best for the body at the moment, or not. You see the pineal, in its interpretation of the information that is taken in by the senses, is the sender and receiver of the info. It is the brain that stores and than sends the info, after the data is assessed and catalogued in the various parts of itself. When the pituitary receives the info it is already assessed and the intelligence that is built in for the smooth operation of the gland, directs the info to the specific gland that will assimilate and use it.

          When there is a disruption in any of the glands, there is a disruption of the smooth operation of the system. This is when the physical elements of this disruption takes place; and this is where the electro-magnetics come in. the messages to that part of the system are transmitted to the various parts of the body through the electro-magnetics, and the circuits relay the instructions to the various parts of the body. Sometimes the electro-magnetics are not working properly, and they send improperly directed messages. Did you know that it is a natural state of the body and psyche to wake up in the morning refreshed, happy and ready for a new day? It is not natural to wake feeling groggy and slow to react.

          What you can do to be in the natural state upon waking is to keep your systems working in tiptop shape, and that is a very simple thing. All you need do is state to yourself before retiring that you will awaken in the morning, (or whenever your “morning” is, for you who work shift schedules), bright and cheerful, and fully rested. Do this every night, and mean it, and you will find that your morning grogginess will start to fall away, and be replaced by the vim and vigor of those who wake refreshed and ready to meet the day.

          “But what of the need to have the cup of coffee, the hour to get started, I like that!” you say. Well, this is for those who want to change; it is a matter of reprogramming your brain and your body to the way you will want to wake in the morning. It is a matter of changing your mind; it really is that simple. This one thought I was going to give a precise, complicated formula for success; she sometimes forgets about the simplicity of spirit, as do most of you. So here it is, simply change your mind, and state that to yourself before you close your eyes to sleep. You can even determine the length of time before you accomplish your goal by stating it during the day as well, sort of a reminder.

          What I have told you is a reflection of how that works for all there is in your life. Use that principle in every aspect of your life that you want to change, or even that which you want to reinforce. It works, and in doing so you keep your power, and in some instances, you take it back and use it for your benefit. That is your connection to the Godself; it is the information avenue that keeps you in unity with who you really are. It is stating your intent, and watching it manifest.

          I watch all of you as you go through your everyday occurrences, and I am so pleased with the progress that you make, for it means to me that I will be experiencing you energies first hand at some time. This makes me joyful and I am in bliss with your love. I wish for you every happiness, and I see the light in your eyes. You are bright and chipper from where I stand, and you have blessings all over your face.

          Good day, and good mornings to come.


Thank you cheerful Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate