Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 25,2003

            Good morning to you I am Diaclosities and I bring you some news of a cosmic event that is happening at this moment. Remember that I am of your realm of perfect manifestation of dreams. This is what you can experience through the choices you make.

            Way up in the heavens there is an assembly of angels; these angels give and protect your right to free choice. Within this assembly there is one who you all know as Uriel. He is the one with which we work the most, for he is the one who is the guardian of all that is of business on the earth. He is the one who guards the practical side of commerce and industry. He writes the songs for the manifestation of the highest order of practicality. Of course this is all accomplished in the highest of Spiritual practice. There is no room in this realm for slip-shod circumstances. That sort of energy is accomplished and left behind in other realms before the final result rises to this dimension. Think of the pleats of folds in a hand held fan; this is the way it is within the area of dimension; the levels rise and fall folding upon one another and expanding away in itís flexibility, while always being one.

            This event that I speak of is the manifestation of the energies of war. There is a certain degree of that energy that is being transmitted into this realm. This is the echo of the memory of war. When this happens, for the memory is so great, there is a cleansing that takes place within the energies of the beings which have come to this state of dimensionality. There is a coming and going at first in this instance. The being is ready for the purity of spiritual accomplishment, for he has shed himself of all the fear-based energies that kept him form rising to this dimension. Still there is the residual of the energy of war within his system, even though the outer effects are no longer expressed. This is what we call outer manifestation residual cleansing. It is accomplished so as not to bring any possibility of effect to this personís life. He is done with it, and he needs no further assistance from it in which to learn his life lessons. This is where Uriel comes in. He brings with his coming a degree of cleansing in the form of beautiful flower essence and a peacefulness that glides through the aura with a fine tooth comb of energy that mixes with the beings intent and releases the strain of sorrow that whispers through the aura. This in turn upon release allows itself to be transmuted into sweet music, and it is no more associated with the energetic memory of war.

            At this time, there are a number of beings who are coming to this realm. They have given of themselves to the cause of war, and have survived to this realm where they are undergoing this release. Life as you know it is but a mere speck of the potential for life, and what actually happens in all of existence. When you have reached this realm, you will have seen and experienced many of these other aspects of life as it can be.

            These people as they come to this dimension from the battlefields have already, before they took their places in line for their country, attained a state of being that was close to the attributes that they had chosen for this lifetime. They are the ones who were born into this lifetime to accomplish just that which brought them here. They are celebrating their good fortune to have made it to the epitome of their purpose, and to have as well, accomplished the steps that brought them here. Within their other life lessons in this life, were the stepping-stones to lead them to this accomplishment. Not all of the ones who left their lifeblood on the battlefield are here is this realm. Theirs was a purpose to leave some of their accomplishments undone in order to serve others in the life that they had to their life lessons. This in itself was an accomplishment, and with one more lifetime, and one more accomplishment in that life, they can reach this realm, depending on the choice they make.

            I realize that this message maybe is stretching your perceptions a bit further than you want to take them. However I do so for the purpose of your understanding of what this war is about on your planet. The ones who give their lives are in joy and bliss right now for the great wonders that they have performed. They have their own flag flying over them at this time, and they are holding the flag and smiling at their glory. They have taken a great part in the manifestation of the freeing of the great planet that they have served throughout its history. They are in a beautiful light of the Creator, and they are beaming that light to the hearts and minds of everyone who walks into the line of battle.

            I say to you now that there is no greater glory than to see the Light of God in everything that you do. That is the epitome of living your lives to their fullest. And it can mean merely seeing the beauty in the smallest blossom on a tree, or the tiniest speck of gold in the eyes of a child as he opens them for the first time.

            Weep for your dearly departed and allow the mourning to cleanse the ache from your heart. Then smile on the knowledge that your loved one is in peace and joy, and allow the light from his beingness to shine forth and warm you to joy once again. We love you from here and we look forward to the passage of time to your hearts and souls till we see you in front of us, for this is the realm you will live in some day; it is your inheritance that you build for yourselves in your life.

            Adios, and good day.


Thank you wonderful Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate