Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 18,2003


This is a morning to call in the sunshine and tweak the troubles away. There is no stronger energy than the energy of the total, complete knowingness of the soul and spirit. There is only one time to be who you are, and that is right now, this moment; and this moment is the moment of the truth as we see it, and as it is.

Good morning, I am Diaclosities, and I am telling you that there is an in between place in all that is real, and that is where you reside in your consciousness. That in between place is the place where all the possibilities are manifest and thought of in your mind.

The mind is a powerful aspect; it is all-knowing and all-seeing. There is only one mind, and that is all of existence. It is divided up in perspective by all of existence in individuality; and that is the way of expression. It is through the mind that we all live and breath in the totality of our beingness. It is how we communicate with each other; it is the means through which we manifest our intent. The mind is our slave and our captor at the same time. It is our mode of expression, and our repository of information.

When we say we our losing our minds, we lose the ability to tap into it at any given moment. We do not really lose it; it loses us, our consciousness. There is a fine line between being able to get the truth from our subconscious and being able to tell reality from fantasy. When we are in the state that does not ring true to the perspective of others, we can be considered insane by them. We can be looked at as crazy, and out of our mind.

In reality there is no such thing as being out of our mind, for it is always with us. We can cut ourselves off from the mind through our thoughts; that is how we cut ourselves of from our real selves. That is what some people do in their everyday lives, and they are not considered crazy, by societiesí standards. They are maybe eccentric, or a bit strange, but they are still able to keep touch with reality. This is the trouble with so many these days; they are not in touch with the reality that the present society embraces. So they say that they are insane.

In fact, my friends, they are not insane, and there is no trouble here. This is all in perfect order. There is no insanity in the big picture. Where the Creator is concerned, there is nothing apart from him, and when anyone considers someone who is different from them, or societyís idea of sanity, then they are branded insane and not capable of living in society. This may be a truism, according to societies standards, but what of the standards set up by those with whom the insane live? Are they to be branded different for all their lives? What if society changes, and over the centuries becomes what is now considered insane? Are they then wrong in their ability to relate to the Creator, or to others? I think not, for they are now the normal way of being.

I hear you all now, wondering where I am going with this, and why go there in the first place. This is supposed to be a message of love and unity and peace, not an exploration of the sanity of people. Well, my dear friends; look around you. Have you seen anyone who does not fit into this category of reasoning and thought lately? Is there anyone who comes to mind who maybe you consider to be a bit off the wall, and lacking in common sense and the ability to reason in society today? I challenge you to see them in a different light. Can you perhaps switch the roles of the accepted parts of society and relate them in a different way? What if the roles were reversed, and the people whom you considered to be unusual were the ones who were leaders of the people? What then? Would you be able to find God in the society then? Would there be a sense to the society and the issues that are met with in that society? Iím not suggesting that you change the way society is; Iím merely suggesting that you change your perspective for a few moments. Do you think maybe that will give you a clearer picture of how society works and how God works in that society?

There is no judgment here, only a broader perspective of how it is in the world. Perhaps this could give you a clearer base upon which to place the premise you bring to the operation of the ways of the world. There is no greater means by which to present the fullness of something than to present it in its entirety. There is a full range of light to dark within that fullness of perspective, even when you regard something as being fully in the light, you will always find a shadow cast by the relativity that happens when you introduce a second aspect into the picture. It is still Light and perfect, now it is more fully experienced than before.

When you use that absence of judgment, you are viewing from a purer state of mind. This is the place from which wisdom can spring, and miracles can happen. This is the state of perfection in which our minds can take us to the promise of our beingness to the fullest of our being.

Having said all that, you can now put it all aside, and come back to the original thought in all this, and know it to be relevant, and as real as any other thought youíve had while in this exercise. Is this not a measure of the mindís capability? Is it not a measure of the capability of God? When you use your mind in this way, you are bringing yourself to the outer reaches of the limitations you have placed on your mind. You can go further, and find the freedom that going beyond the borders brings you. I recommend that you play with this. Have a bit of fun with stretching your mind to the limits, and then a bit further, before bringing it back to the present perspective. You may find that the present perspective is no longer quite the same, but freer, more satisfying.

I leave you now with that thought my friends, and with the possibility that because you already know me through these messages, you have already stretched your mind beyond their former boundaries. I Ďd wager that you feel stronger, more with it since meeting me, and paying any heed to my messages. I do not take the credit for that, it is with you, and us, and All There is, God.

Adios, and so long, till next time!


Thank you my dear Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate