Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 13,2003


It is a morning for the showdown of the century. It is a morning in which the trials and tribulations of the world come together and reveal themselves to be only a bunch of fluff. This is a day in which all the cards are out on the table, and the people are given a chance to see for themselves what some of the leaders are prepared to do.

Hello, I am Diaclosities, and I am bringing you a bunch of particulars with which you can draw your own conclusions. As we see it here in our realm, there are a couple of choices here, and they are to find the truth behind what is being presented to the world, and to allow yourself to be told what you are seeing.

There is little relevance to the truth when you are being told what is right before your eyes. When this is the instance, then you are influenced as to what you see. It is human nature to allow an outside view to color that which is being shown. Iím not saying that you have a wrong perspective, just that it is influenced to some degree by the law of relativity.

Now, I present to you the challenge of seeing it in the purity of your own perspective. This is the continuum by which you can be a free thinker. To see something, and feel an openness about it can change the way you have formerly thought about it. That is turn can change the way it may affect you, and the world as well. This is a formula by which many turns of events have come about. Free thinking, and honoring your viewpoint are valuable elements of a world that grows and changes to a higher degree.

Now my friends, there is another premise by which I present these words, and that is that there is nothing new under the sun. This is true in its innocence, however, when you bring a different viewpoint into a situation, you have created anew; you have brought a fresh, new approach to a circumstance. And that is the fuel by which the change can come about. Bring that attitude to any situation, and you have opened the door for the next degree of understanding and evolution.

In preparedness for the coming events on your planet, I suggest that you first come to a situation with an openness that a child would bring. This is a powerful way to see the situation in its simplicity. It is also a way to see it for its Divinity. Consider that there are no new things, and that the experiences you have are just reruns of the same. Does that appeal to you? Now consider that each moment brings a fresh new way to be, or to relate. How does that appeal? Is it excitement, or does it challenge you unwillingly? What would be the outcome of relating in a fun way? Would you laugh and carry on in a sense of ease and joy; or would you find the situation threatening to your intelligence?

This is the gauge by which you can assess your ability to tap into the degree of innocence with which you approach life. It is the gauge by which you can measure your assent to Heaven, and the full knowledge of who you are. On this day, I encourage you to find the degree that brings you comfort, and then go out and stretch it to a degree that stimulates you to greater heights. Feel the tingling in your heart, and your solar plexus as you move forward in the new direction youíve chosen. Pay attention to how your body feels; and then pay attention to how you perceive the world. Has it changed? Are you still seeing the world through othersí eyes, or have you brought a fresh, new perspective to what is in front of you?

My friends, you are in a stage of your development where the world is wide open and running. This is your perfect opportunity to make a difference in the world. One pebble can make a difference with the whole beach. All it takes is for one person to walk along and step on that pebble to say that, what to some is a sandy beach, is a pebbled beach. If you are that pebble, and the rest of the world is sand, then what do you suppose would happen if one of those grains of sand experienced your pebbleness? Would it feel small, or would it feel that there is some growing it could do to be as big as you?

I leave you with that thought my friends. I love you all, and I see for you a bright honest future with the wind at your back and the sun in your eyes lighting your way to the Lord.

Thank you my friend, Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate