Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 11,2003

          Wake up, my friends, it is time to check your clocks and see if it is time to go to work, or stay and enjoy the day in the sunshine and the warm morning air. Even if you can grab only a minute to stop and breath deep in the hush of the new day, it is a pause that will carry you through the day and around the bend of the next.

          Good morning I am Diaclosities, and I wish to bring to you a recipe for being in the moment at all times. First it is essential to realize that there is no other time than right now, this moment. Once you have that firmly planted in your consciousness, then the rest is gravy. The way to accomplish that is to renew that knowing everytime you find yourself faltering from that stand.

          Have you sat and daydreamed about what you will be doing next week, next year? Next time you do that, catch yourself and change that focus to the moment. What is this moment bringing you; and what about that do you like? Ask yourself these questions, and more. What would you like to be doing with the moment; and how would that change your life. Answer with the first thing that comes to mind; let it be spontaneous.

          Then do something with that thought; carry it to new heights, and see where your mind takes it. Do this with feeling; pay attention to how your body responds to the thought. Pay attention to how you feel with the thought. Give yourself the opportunity to expand on the moment and see where it takes you; do this in conjunction with your feelings. This is the way to tune in to the true nature of your desires and intentions for your life.

          If you find through this that you would have to change your life in order to accommodate your dream, then go about projecting how it would feel to do that. How does it feel to enter into a new way of making a living, one that makes your heart sing? When you find that youíd rather live in a different place, feel how it would be to relocate there, and greet the morning with the verve and enthusiasm of being exactly where you were meant to be. Donít think about how you would do it; just feel how it is to be there. The means by which to change your life will come when the ball is set in motion. First, be clear as to what it is you really want, even if it is to stay exactly where you are right now, doing exactly what youíre doing. In that case, you can still benefit by fully experiencing the moment, and reveling in the perfection of it.

          It can be very renewing to take that moment at the start of every day; call it your moment from yourself, to really tune in and re-invigorate yourself and your place in life. If you realize that you would be more productive and more happy if you could change your life, then know that to be true; and that you can do that. Give yourself permission, even if you donít act on it right away. In the act of allowance you have opened a door, and announced to yourself that you can do it, and it can be in the time of your choosing. This is a partnership with your higher self and God. This is the way to heaven on earth, to give yourself the permission to be who you are and live your ecstasy.

          Be easy on yourself in the doing. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the process of change, if that is what you choose, or enhancement or appreciation of what is, if you love where you are. There is a whole gamut of wonders that you can bring into the moments of your life. Realizing the fullness of each of these in the moment is the secret to the fullness of that moment. This is how you can bend time, my friends. You can make one moment last for a day, an hour, or an eternity in your mind. That is what you do in relation to cosmic time. Why not do that in relation to earth time?

          My friends, I have given you a peek into the expansiveness of time, and into the possibility of creating your world as you most want it to be. It is not an impossibility to make a world for yourself that represents the love that lives inside. This is the ultimate dream, to create a life that bespeaks the love and joy that peacefully emanates from the inside out. You can bring that to yourself by living it one moment at a time, and honoring the voice that speaks the wisdom that lives within. This is how our realm was created, and how it perpetuates itself. So you see, it works!

          You are my bright shining stars, and you give us pause to rejoice, for without your promise, we would drift away into oblivion. You make us what we are by your dreams and realities of what is possible and what makes you heart sing in prayer and jubilation. We love you and thank you as we send a shower of blessings upon you.



Thank you wonderful Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate