Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 05,2003

          Good morning to you all! It is fine day for a walk in the park; it is a fine day to take a drive in the country. Are you ready for the influence of love in your life as a steady diet, or are you going to keep plodding away at the clouds in your sky that keep the rain in threat to the sunshine of your days? The rain can be a wonderful thing when it comes to wash away the debris that you release from your beingness, so embrace the totality of all there is.

          Greetings, I am Baldor, and I bring you a few words of sunshine and good will. There is a cloud in the sky of life that bears revealing in its entirety. That is the cloud of everlasting life. You have never considered everlasting life a cloud? Well, what about when the dew comes on to the flowers in the morn, and chases away the cobwebs of the night? The dew seems not to have a strength that can overcome the web, but just watch some time, and see what happens to the web when the sun hits the dew that bejewels it. Watch and see the infusion of the light on the touch of dawnís kiss on the lace that adorns the flower. Where do you think it goes, and what is the magic that transforms the lace to the meanderings of the kiss? It is physics, my dears. It is the blending of science and Spirit!

          Have you not found that there is a difference in science and Spirit? Have you followed the earthly ways and found that there is a chasm between the two? Then, there is your plight my dears; there is the reason that you do not see the magic in the physics. There is no difference between the two. One is the explanation of the other; and guess which is the explanation. It works both ways my friends. All is the same; therefore one can be the other. Depends on your perception, for you have assigned words to meanings and particles of creation, ideas.

          Here on Orloff, we have loosened our grip on the words, and the meanings of them. We have come round to a looser usage of the terms we use to express our perceptions. In fact, we use these words only because we like to, not because it is necessary to convey communication with each other. It has become a game we play to amuse ourselves, for the use of telepathy is the common means of expression and communication. We do not put so much stock into the usage of the words; instead we play with the concepts, and come up with a wide divergence that stimulates the brain and provides an innocence to our play.

          Perhaps this is something that you may try. You may find that the concept is fun. You may find that the play will provide an energy of loosening, just as it did for us. There is much to be said for the stimulation of the brain that controls and monitors communication. Did you know that the brain is a multi-sensory organ? It relies on the senses to provide a deeper sense of communication with the cells of the body. There is no reason that the mind cannot communicate without the use of words. Even a gentle hum can be a form of communication. Do you not impart a feeling when you hum, or hear a hum? Continue to explore the world of communication from this small introduction I have given you with the world of communication, and see where it leads. You may be surprised what it can accomplish.

          Lastly, I bring to you an idea as to the whereabouts of the mind. Do you think that is in the brain? Well I guess by now most of you realize it is by no means contained within the brain. It is all around you. It is the expression of all that is. The mind is the epitome of all the meanderings that have ever taken place, and in your concept of time, will ever be. Consider that time is also in a multi-dimensionality state just as the brain is. Suppose that the mind is the aura of the brain, just as your physical body has an aura. Consider that every part of your body, your organs, your blood vessels, your skeletal structure, your skin; they all have there own duplicate in the aura. Well, why would your brain not have itís own aura that is as big as infinity, for that is the potential that the brain has. There is no limit to what the brain can conceptualize; therefore the mind just might be the aura of the brain. Now since the mind is the all, then it must mean that it is connecting everything. Well, that must mean that the brain is also connected to everything. Imagine the concept that anyone can be in communication with everyone at the same time! Wow! What a brain drain that could be! So there is another thing that the brain can do. It can shut out all that extraneous chatter, until it desires and intends to ďhearĒ it. Thatís another science-Spirit reality.

          Isnít it fun to play with words and concepts? We here on Orloff go round and round with these wonders of nature. We find our chatter goes through cycles and always comes out new, and yet the same. Our brains have grown from the pea size organs they used to be, to the size of grapefruit; and they are still growing. That is part of our evolvement, and we are changing the body structure to accommodate the changes in the brain. It is an ongoing evolution that we welcome and embrace. We are not afraid of change, since we have found that change leads to greater, more expressive ways of being; and we are closer than ever to the Source, the Creator. It is a wondrous life we experience here on Orloff. What to some may seem a bit peculiar, or foreign, to us is the beauty of the freedom of expression which is our inherent right within the Divine will of God, which is our will as well.

          So, my friends, I end this communication for the day, and I invite you all to the meanderings of your minds in the play of the day. Blessings come from play as well as work, so have fun, and laugh a lot. It is medicine for the soul and the body.

          Go in love and joyfulness! I take my leave on a song and a prayer.


Thank you my friend, Baldor,

Nancy Tete