Morning Wakeup Call Message
March 27,2003

            It is a day for smelling the roses and tripping along, as the day would have you go. It is a day for the finer things in life, such as baseball and swinging, and playing with the new puppy. It is a day to walk through the desert or the meadow with a song in your heart and a spring in your step. It is a day to be glad that youíre here, and thankful for the abundance that you have in your life.

            Good morning, I am Baldor, and I come to you this morning as I observe what goes on, on your planet at this time. There is much to be learned from going outside and hugging a tree, listening to the birds, and the ripple of the leaves as the breeze whispers its sweet refrain through its branches. There is a whole microcosm of life that escapes your fancy as you go through your days of computers, schedules and the daily grind of bringing some semblance of order to the world.

            Why do I speak of the mundane and the ordinary in this time off extraordinary events? Why, when there are lives being lost on the other side of the globe, do I speak of gentleness and simple beauty? It is because, my friends, that is what you must focus on to keep a balance in your lives. In order to keep yourselves from becoming the war within your own lives, you must create that which you desire for the world. It is imperative that this be accomplished at once, for to prolong it till the soldiers are back home is to never see it for yourselves.

            Are you not sleeping these days? Do you long for a moment of peace in your daily ministrations? Are you finding that you are becoming agitated with your friends and family over the least little things? Look to where you focus your attention these days.

            I have a story to tell you of a time on Orloff when we began to realize that there was no joy being exhibited among the young of our people. This was a mystery, until we realized that the children were not being taken outdoors enough. They were taught their school lessons in a closed room; they were not allowed outside because of the snow and the rain, which at the time was around a lot. They were almost held captive in order to keep them safe from the elements.

            Then one day, there was a small boy spied out in the cold, running up and down a hill that had a few inches of snow covering it. This boy was laughing and tumbling about in his play. He sailed through the air repeatedly and came to land on a soft fluffy pile of snow that he had formed from the surrounding area. Each time he landed he let out a huge belly laugh that shook him through and through.

As we watched mesmerized by his play, we began to remember ancient memories of lost youth and the innocent play that we had as the ancient people of Orloff when we were in our other universe. In those days we were the children always. This was the way of our times then. We always stayed as children, for that was the answer to our longevity. We lived for thousands of years and we never lost our youthful look or energy. As long as this continued, we were able to do anything we wanted and be anything we chose. There was nothing that we lacked and nothing that we didnít share with one another.

            This existence went on for several hundred thousand years, and then something happened that changed the course of our evolvement forever, at least to this point. There came a day when one person wanted to grow up. He decided that it was time to pursue greater and grander things, and that meant growing past the idleness of youth and becoming an ambitious and forward thinking person. This turned the tide for our people, and then began the gradual descent from innocence to the mature adults that accomplished great deeds and grew in many different directions. We became a race that had great battles for superiority and accomplished feats that vied for the attention that merits a great deal of recognition.

            Then we noticed that we were not living as long. We realized that our forefathers had lived for hundreds of years longer than we were. What had happened? Had we forgotten to eat right, or had we been infected with some disease that caused us to mutate? We did great studies and conducted tests to find the cause of our decrease in longevity. Nothing made any sense, or any difference. In fact as the change continued, it took up momentum, and before too long we were only living for about two, maybe three hundred years.

Now I tell you folks, that there is no longer any need for the concern that we will never find the secret to longevity. We have it firmly imbedded in our DNA (our equivalent of yours, remember, I use your terms for clarity), and we renew the practice of and knowing of the secret moment to moment through our lives, for this is the way to keep it strong and firm. This applies, no matter what else happens with our evolvement, this one factor remains throughout our history and our evolvement. It is the most important element that we keep alive and prioritize in our teachings.

This holds true for all of life, for we are all of the same origin, Creator God. No matter the form of lifestream we adapt, or incarnate into, this holds true for all of us. We must keep the innocence alive and vibrant, or we will find that we face extinction at some point in our evolution. This is a practice that will instantly begin to make a difference in your lives. I urge you to make a test of this; for one week, play with the animals, the children; go out into nature and do what feels natural, even if itís just to sit on the ground and feel the presence of Mother Nature at your side and all around you. Spend at least one hour each day fully in innocence for a whole week. Then ask yourself, is this enough? And if you find it isnít, then increase your time in innocence, and mold your life so that you can have all of it that you want. I guarantee that you will find yourself feeling younger, and healthier for it.

I watch you from my perspective, and I see the trials you put yourself through, then I remember the times on Orloff when we revered the very things you value. Then I open my eyes and look around me at the life we have now, and I weep for joy that we have it. I rejoice at the thought that you will find it too, for to feel anything else for you is to give energy to the very thing that you do not need in your lives. I give you my memory of youthful vitality and innocence, for that is the fountain of youth.

Go out and love yourself in the promise of Mother Nature who loves you as well. We will greet you in the annals of forevermore, and we will know that we are One. I love you all, and wish you Godspeed.



Thank you dear Baldor,

Nancy Tate