Wakeup Call Message
March 5, 2004



            My dear ones, this is a time to bring into your lives the knowledge that all is well with your world. There may be various incidences of trouble in places around the world, but that neednít affect the way you go though you daily lives. When you give energy to these events you are doing so by continually seeing them as being the fearsome occurrences that the illusion would have you believe. I am Sananda, and I ask that you see these events as being full of light, and part of the transformation of this dear planet earth.

            This is the time to go to your innermost truth and see the light that lives there, and to know that there is nothing in this world that can change the fact that you are a Divine member of the human race and more importantly one of the Divine children of The Creator.

            Take a minute to smell the fragrance of the wafting breezes as they flow through a field of flowers. See the butterfly as he flits from petal to petal and rests his wings on their beauty drinking in the nectar of the Gods. Watch the children as they play in the park and listen to their innocence, drinking it in for the fullness of the healing it can bring you. Let go of the need to know when the abundance is going to come your way, and know that it is already yours.

            This is a time for rejoicing, my friends, for the shoe is on one foot and the other is about to be put on and laced. Then you will find that the path will be strewn with rose petals and the way will be clear for the prosperity and freedom that is coming your way. This is the wonder of the times, and it is sweet.

            What I suggest you do is bring yourself to a quiet place and ask your inner voice to sing you a song. Ask for that song to be one that sings in a reverence that speaks for your soul, and gives you the comfort that you desire. This is what your soul is doing for you every moment and every second of your life. It is but for you to stop and listen, and to hear the sweet promises that the refrain gives you.

            You are the one who sings the songs. You are the one who creates the verse. You are the one who gives the lullaby that lulls you into a blessed sleep. You are the one who brings the miracles. When you lay your self down to sleep tonight, allow that song to whisper in your ears and tell you that you are the power of Creation. Allow it to soothe your senses and bring peace to your heart. Hear the words that say I love you and that I am working to bring you all that you intend for your life. And as you drift into dreamland see the promises that your soul gives you for the coming moments of your life.

            Donít be surprised if those promises look like freshly mown grass. Donít be surprised if you see a peacock in full regalia. Donít be surprised if you see me smiling at you and reaching for your hand. Donít be surprised if you find yourself reaching for mine with a smile that meets mine. Donít be surprised if I lead you into the garden and show you all the richness that grows as it is nourished by your love. Donít be surprised if I tell you that you are dearly loved and that all I did you can do and more. Donít be surprised if then you do that very thing.

            I AM here to tell you that there is nothing more tender to me than to see the power that you have by tuning in to who you are. I AM here to let you know that I love what you do, and who you are. I AM here to lead you into the kingdom of heaven, and to introduce you to all of your family. I AM here to see that you give all that you desire, and receive all that you have intended. I AM here to see you walk with the angels and sing with them in your joy. I AM here to sing with you, and to lead you into the Promised Land.

            You are the cream of the crop, and we are all in this together. There is a time for the reaping of the harvest, and now you can see what it is that you sowed the seeds for so long ago. It is a bountiful harvest my friends, and it is almost harvest time. See that you already are stocking the shelves with the abundance and putting away the fruits for the long cold winter that will come with the changing of the guard. This is the time for the changes that have been promised, and when you see the ships that cover the skies youíll know which one is yours for you will here the phrase, your ship has come in, and it is named with your name.

            I leave you to your dreams and to your peace and joy, for we are but a few lights away from you and the light is always on.


Thank you dear Master Sananda Kumara,

Love, Nancy Tate