Wakeup Call Message
March 24, 2004



            Good morning my dear ones, I am Sananda and I am here this day to give you a bit of news on the homefront. This is a day that the angels are singing and the angelic chorus is proclaiming that the days of wine and roses are upon you and that the taste is ever so sweet.

            This is a time when the horses are in the choral, and the forces of darkness are being rounded up and delivered to the proper places for distribution to the sources of Light and Love. They are going to be reimbursed with the points of light that brought them life in the first place, and then delivered back onto earth to join the family in the Light of the Angels and the deliverance of the goods that are being meted out as I speak. These goods are coming to the various places around the globe in the guise of certain elements of the hierarchy and as “justice examples” that are springing up all over the land.

            I do not mean to speak in riddles, but in metaphor, for this is a time of individual expression and a perspective that bespeaks the individuality of you all. When you set your eyes upon a certain scene, all of you perceive it in your own way. The details may be just slightly different for each of you, though the words used to describe it may be the same. The interesting ways of communication that you have all brought to your experiences are what make this world so unique. You are bringing to the Whole the continuation of the cause of creation and it is being transmitted throughout the universe. This is representing itself in the expressions that help to create your world and the life that you live.

            When a thought is broadcast throughout the cosmos, it is stopped and possibly detoured in a certain direction, according to the interpretations of those energies that encounter it. This is the interaction that takes place, and creates a thoughtform, and in turn brings the thought into manifestation. This is what is taking place on your earth with the interpretations of all the thoughtforms that are being transposed over the issue that has been prevalent on earth for nearly three years now. There is one issue that is coming to bear in the lives of all of you, and when it shows it’s face on the screen, it will show itself in the manner that bespeaks the thoughts of the many, and the passion that represents those many.

            This is an energy of creation that has taken place in its many ways for all of time on earth. There have been many times when this occurrence has shaped the sands of time. These shapes have been molded and transferred to the vestiges of the emotional waters as they come in and wash away the shapes, and transform them into another reality. This is what is taking place now in your world. What shapes will stand the tests of time, and remain to represent themselves as truth in the history of mankind? When will the ideas of the many declare this as truth, and also declare that they have created as the original Source of their divinity has deemed possible? This is now, my friends, and now is the reincarnation of the shadows of yesterday. Now is the time when all your remembrances come to the table and give themselves over to the consideration of the few, and remain in the shadows, or come out into the light.

            It is all choice my friends, and the choice is yours. How will you create your reality? What will your history pages tell your children, and their children? Will they speak of the viability of the masses and the changeability of the few? Or will they say that all is written in stone and cannot be changed?

This is your choice, and the choices of the few can over ride the many, depending upon the passion and the viability of the thoughts. This is the power that you all have. You have the power to create your reality, and to change it at the same time. This you have been doing for all this time of creation, and as soon as you have created, you have also changed reality. For there is only the one moment, and this is it, my friends. I am here to tell you that you have created many moments in time in which there is always the potential for the wave to engulf the sands that have been formed and shaped from the thoughts of man. This is the energetic manifestation of the power of the divinity within each and every one of you. Take this knowing to the next step in your life, and you take the power of the Creator within each and every moment of your existence.

            I shall now go about my duties and make the sands of time speak in my memory for my time on earth. I do so with the confluence of the ages, for this is how you all do as well. I once told you that these things and more you can do, and this is what I tell you now. It is still as it was, and the first shall be the last.

            I join you all in the annals of time, and the creation of the thoughts that bring about the destiny expression. You are the angels that you sing of and that you pray to, and that you see in your dreams. I salute you and bring the blessings to your door, the blessings that you have created.



Thank you dear Beloved Master Sananda Kumara,

Love, Nancy Tate