Wakeup Call Message
March 9, 2004



            Good morning my friends, I AM St. Germain and I have some news for you. There is to be today an assembly of lightworkers from all over the globe who will be meeting at The Hague to brandish the news about NESARA and to give those who are gathered a good deal of information that they have regarding this law. When the day draws to a close they will have talked to many who gather for those ones will have been drawn to that place, and they will have taken the time to go over and speak with the lightworkers who are assembled there.

            Mind you when I speak of lightworkers, I speak of those who are not only there in their physicalness, but also of those who, with their intent, are lending their energies to the associations of the people who are there. These ones who, through their intent, give their energies to the gathering will be physically in their various places around the globe, and carrying on their lives in the manner that they choose. All the while they are doing this, the intent that they have set for this gathering will be speaking in their behalf through the energies of the One.

            I AM telling you this now so that any of you who read this may set your intentions as well, and join the people at The Hague through your intent as well. Be there with those ones who are speaking in behalf of NESARA and know that your energies are transporting the energies of manifestation to The Hague, and to all who are there in the purpose of bringing NESARA to the screens of the world.

            What you can do right now is take a few moments to set that intent, and joyfully go about your business knowing that you are working your magic through your Divine ability to transport your beingness to any place you intend. We will be right there too, to answer any questions that come to your mind, and we also lend our energies to this great cause.

            My dear ones, we are so very close that when the curtain falls on this segment of the announcement period, and the vision springs forth on the screens, then we will know that we have been a part of this great transformation and the beginning of this New Golden Age. We all have brought a miracle into being, and though there will be a transition period, just knowing that it is out in the open will give us the power to move forward in the time it will take, and give our brothers and sisters who are stymied and in fear over these changes the reassurance that this is for the upliftment of the planet and for the survival of the species.

            All is love this day, and all is being done in the energy of love. When we see the events that are taking place in the world today we, we see that the last throes of death of the cabal of the illuminati are taking place. Within those ones is still the spark of Light with which they were created. Honor that spark, and see it growing, and fan the spark till it is a bright flame. This you can do with your love and compassion, for you are the mighty and the Holy. Stand with we of the celestial realm as we come and take our places among you, and hold your hands and love you so very much.       

            We love you beyond compare, and we shower you with the blessings that together we have created.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate