Wakeup Call Message
March 3, 2004


My dear ones, I AM St. Germain, and I come to you this day with a message of peace and good will for all those on the earth who are carrying a large stick and brandishing it about to the detriment, in their estimation, of all those who are working for the idea of a peaceful planet and freedom for all.

When I came to this transmission it was with the idea to bring to you a message of hope and comfort. I feel however that this is not necessary, for you all have within you the ability to live those feelings, and to derive your own comfort and peace from your inner knowingness. Therefore what I am going to tell you is that there is a coup being devised that those who are attempting it are quite sure will be successful.

We however, in tuning in to the vibration of the world realize that it will not take place, for the message from the people in the world is to support our abilities to act in your beheft and bring a stall to their tactics. We are coming in around the back door and causing their efforts to be null and void. We are doing that in a manner that represents their energies in that they do not see the back side of their energies and this is where they come up short.

I will explain. When someone delivers a blow to something or some action, they do so with the intent that is uppermost and motivational. Along with that intent is the other side of the message. So when these ones, for instance, attempt to take over another’s lands, they do so with the intent to move in and find purpose in that land for their purposes. This in turn causes a void in the place that they exit. When this happens, the not only lose their place, but they go to an area where the influence of their energy is not so strong. They do so with the intent to take up where they left off, however in doing so they are operating from a weaker standpoint. They have stirred the pot, so to speak, and therefore a few other ingredients that were sitting around on the top have been incorporated into the mix. See what that means in the politics of the day? This is a chance for some of the periphery to be a part of the whole of the picture that they have just vacated. This has also caused a reduction in the total of the pot.

Apply this to the energies of this situation. Think of this in terms of energy, for a moment. When an energy is disrupted, there is the opportunity for a change in molecular structure. This is an intentional disruption, because when the polarity builds to a certain peak, then something has to give. What is giving is that there is a displacement of some of the energies. This causes the whole to shift and represent a different _expression. When this takes place then you can see and even feel the difference. This is when the energies are ripe for the different intent to move in and make the change.

Never before have the energies been more vulnerable to change than right now, and certain ones on the globe are falling into the whirlpool and certain ones are being forced out. We are seeing this in the world situations of late, and as the energies move faster and in a more intended movement, the energies that are not able to sustain are catapulted out to be forced to take on different places and even identities.

When this happens, there is a speeding up and a furtherance of the prevalent energies. What is coming in these days to cause this stirring is the increase of the Christed energies of change; part of this is being brought about by the approaching celestial body that you have been waiting for. The planet that carries its energies of transformation is coming in a closer range of earth, and this is the carrier of the energies that will bring about the transformation of earth. This is why you are experiencing the physical changes and disruptions at this time. This is why the ones who have been in a position to take control are being thrown out of the stew. This is when you see a lightening of the ingredients in the pot, from heavy energies to lightness of being. This is when your frequencies of intent to bring a lightness is working, for the whirlpool is selecting by the law of nature to incorporate the lighter ingredients, for they do not fall to the bottom and hold things in a state of glut.

So my friends, as you see the actions taking place in the world, know that there is a force moving here that delivers the truth of lightness to the universe. This is an action that will have certain consequences and that is that “like energy begats like energy”.

We see you all here on earth in your various assemblies, and we see the progress that is taking place, even though some of you do not see it as yet. Many of you feel it, and will understand where those feelings come from very soon, probably before it is seen on the screens of the world. When this takes place, then you will know that you have been responsible for much of what you will be seeing, and you can rejoice that you have been part of the acceleration of the ascension of the world.

There is to be a movement within your beingness that will mimic what is taking place in the world, for your own personal world is a hologram of the outer world. As you go about your lives you can know that you are adding the ingredients and stirring the pot that brings the meal to the table and allows all of mankind to partake of the nourishing and delicious meal. Set the table and bring out the best linens and silver, for it is about to be served and the taste is sweet my friends, and fulfilling, and hearty.

You have the ingredients and you know how to use them. We join in the stirring, and we shall join you in the meal, for there is more than enough for all. We love you and we are putting on our best bib and tucker for the celebration.

Blessings to you all!

Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate