Wakeup Call Message
March 29, 2004



Dear ones. This is the time in the history of your planet when all of you are being called upon to support us in our plans to intervene and bring about the announcement of NESARA. This has gone on long enough, and now we are readying ourselves to come in and take the initiative to bring this to the screens of the world. We need your acquiescence and your permission, and though we know that we have it from you, and have had for some time now, this is the present moment, and we must ask for your support at this moment in time and in the intervening moments until the announcement is made.

We ask that you hold the intent for this and set this intent to carry through the moments that occur, and beyond the announcement that you give this every ounce of intent that this go smoothly. This will make a great deal of difference in the way this is implemented and the way all the people of the world carry this forward in their parts throughout the implementation.

            I am here to tell you that the forces of Light are gathered in their positions and are ready to bring this action for the people and by the people. What we require is that your energy be strong and ready to assist is the portions of the implementation as we go about our parts in this. It is not that we are not able to come in and sweep the changes with our abilities. It is that you are, as we are, the captains of the ship, and you have the capability to see that this gets done. We work as a team, and when the work shows that the cause is just, equitable for all and in the interest of the whole of humanity, then we see that there is no choice but to come, and at this time, work with a wholeness and unity that strengthens the energetic output of this task.

            We shall give our all, as we are sure you shall as well. We are in this position because you have requested that we step in and give our assistance in this matter. Now we are at the ready and we are opening the gates to the stars and we are flowing through to become and begin this new Golden Age with the announcement of the freedom flame and the justice energy that will purify the intent of the world and show just cause why this has been done. We are all soldiers of the light, and we shall bring forth the peaceful measures that will be as a beacon to the unbelievers and provide an arena in which they may feel the safety to awaken and join those numbers that represent a freedom from the tyranny that has clouded their world for longer than they can remember. This is your finest hour and we are weeping with joy and bringing our feelings of love, compassion and revelation into the fray and spreading it forth into the same that is being emitted back to us.

What a powerful passionate energy is being created!! What a beautiful story is being written! You are the bearers of the truth of the ages, and there is no other that is grander than what we see before us and what we feel in our beingness. Come my dear ones and stand beside us in the golden and violet flame of truth and love, and we shall march to the halls of justice and truth and beauty shall reign forever on planet earth.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate