Wakeup Call Message
March 10, 2004



Enki, what can you tell me about this report from Mike Quinsey (see below how to read his message); how true is it? Iíve never felt that this thing about going off planet, or into the earth while it is healed, is what our reality will be. Now I feel impressed to ask you about this.

My dear one there are certain things that one must face if one is to be in tune with reality. This is one of them. When this takes place, it will be for some as if they are in a dream. They will feel that they have been asleep and that they are awaking when they return to the surface. They will feel that this fantastic dream occurred and that they are now living in the reality that they are familiar with. They will think that this is the reality that they have built and they will have no conscious memory of what it is that they have experienced all along. They will have built in their minds an acceptable reality in which all makes sense to them and they will live out their lives in this reality and then pass over as they expect to do. The difference is that when they come back to earth in another lifetime, they will come as fully realized beings, and then they will know what the truth is that they could not comprehend before.

            As for the others, such as you and those who are in a reality of knowing the truth, you will find that as you are taken into the earth you will realize that it is a wonderful transition period and that you will be able to walk as though you are on the surface, for the societies there are every bit as beautiful as the beautiful spots on the surface. Then you will be able to comprehend how the differences really are not of importance. You will be able to see how the wonders of this world can be duplicated and represented in their perfection within just a matter of months and even minutes in some cases and then you will know that all the messages of this sort are representations of the truth.

            You may be able to take anything and anyone who wants to go with you, including your pets. They too are going to undergo a transition of sorts, and they will not be lost to you. They are a part of this whole change and when they get there they will undergo their own particular way of transition. They will still be the wonderful loving beings that you know and now you will be able to more closely communicate with them.

            When is this all going to happen?

            This will be in flux for a time, for the appropriate terms must be met for this to happen. For one, there is a coming period when there will be an ongoing transference of energy into the earth and her people, and when this takes place and has reached a certain point then there will be an ongoing evidential stream of events that will prepare you for this event. The process will be even and sure and will not cause you any discomfort. It will be a guiding light that will lead you through the process and it will be one of the most pleasant journeys that you have undergone.

            What about plans for repairs on our houses and things of that nature; what should we do about that?

This is your decision for now you are within the free will process. You are also within the ability to be discerning and make wise decisions. Remember that money will not have the same value or effect that it has now. So when the events and the cleansing takes place, all that was in consideration now will be of no relevance then. There will be certain areas that will undergo changes, yes, and there will be some destruction. However those areas will undergo a cleanup and there will be no major cleanup and repair that will be needed. There is a plan to fully restore the earth to the pristine beauty it once enjoyed while keeping it as close to the dream that you all had in mind when you first came and when you built your dreams, even in the latter years, of how it would be to live on earth in a beneficial way. You have all helped to guide us in the way you would see your ideal utopia, and we are working with all of you in that way. This will not be of our design, but it will be of yours with our guidance and technological assistance. We do not mean to come in and take over, but to co-operate with you in the way to create this world of beauty and promise for all of you.

            For those who go into the inner earth, you will be given the flame of renewal and this will mean that when you resurface there will be a lengthening of the body life that you have now, and a choice as to keep this body in a younger state, or live out the longer life to a certain point and then leave it behind and come back in the way you wish, through rebirth as an infant, or to come back as an adult. The flame of renewal is the heat of spirit to cleanse the totality of the being.

            May I say this that there is nothing to fear from this occurrence. There is only that which will be the reuniting with all your loved ones and the eventual reuniting on earth with the ones that will bring about soul recognition, and differing faces and bodies perhaps, but you will know each other for you will see the truth about who you are.

            What about our family and friends who are not open to all of this?

There are certain people who will make the first choice I spoke of, to be asleep through the process and choose to live out their present lives in their present reality, then return. We are not at present allowed to reveal these choices, for it is a sacred agreement that has been set up. To try to tell these ones is futile unless they ask. That would indicate their readiness to have a different thought about their belief systems, and some are not interested in that. That is including all on earth.


Thank you dear Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy Tate


The report from Mike Quinsey can be read at http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/framepagemain4.htm

Special Enki, Continued March 10, 04


Enki, please give us a clearer, more detailed picture of how the ones who are not awake now will experience this whole transition process.

My dear, there will be a great deal of controversy when this takes place. At first there will be an understanding of the ramifications of a move into the center of the earth.

What will those ramifications be?

Well, one will be that they may have to say goodbye to a lot of the outmoded ideas and ways of doing things. For some, this may be a bit traumatic, unless they know that there is something much better coming. Earth humans have a way of not wanting to let go of what they are comfortable with, and that is because they have not as yet awoken to their true identity.

Another thing is that there will be a great deal of abundance that will come their way, and they will be rewarded by, be trained to accept this abundance freely and with a joy that you would think they would have, yet they could find elusive. When people have lived for so long in captivity and havenít even been aware that they are not free, they may at first be fearful of what they are given; they may wait for the other shoe to fall. This we will help them with.

There will be a divine ordinance that will give those who are aware the opportunity to go into the center, which we see most people will choose. Then the ones who are of a different perspective, such as the ones who are living their fundamentalist reality, and those who are of an atheistic mind, etc, will be given the opportunity to choose to leave the planet through what they know as death, or to leave to be kept in captivity on another planet for the duration of the transitions stage, when at that time they will be given the choice as to return to earth fully awake, or to experience their own reality of earth as it is for them now.

What would this other planet be?

This planet that they would go to will be Nibiru. We are all set up for the ones who will choose to come and be retrained, restored, healed in every aspect of their beingness.

When they are taken into the earth, they will either choose to be asleep, and will go through the cleansing that the others will who are in full knowledge of what is taking place, or they will be cleansed enough to be able to return to the surface, and go through the remainder of their days as they hold the expectation for. This will represent itself in the reality that they have created, and held in trust for their return to the surface. In that reality, everyone who was there before will still be there, acting as they expect them to act. The changes that come about in that reality will be the expected, and possible within their reality. Then because they expect it, they will at some point pass over, die, and then they will be returning, when they do, to a fully awake reality on earth. As was said before, it will all be as a dream to them, whether they choose to go into the center for the transition time, or to be taken to another planet.

Will those people, after they ďdieĒ take a great deal of earth time to return, or will it be almost an instantaneous return?

This is dependant upon their decision upon being on the other side. As you realize, once the body is shed and they are ďhomeĒ then they undergo a healing and regeneration process and then a series of decision making lessons and experiences are made, before the rebirth is accomplished. This all depends on what the soul decides and how that process serves humanity and the universe. Some may choose to stay and serve from that side, and some may return quickly.

There are those who will go into the inner earth and stay asleep in a dreamlike reality for the duration of the changes. Then when they return to the surface, with the others who are now awake and will be throughout the stay there, they will experience their own version of the life on earth, and in that way, they will have created their own reality once more, and see that they are living in their own version of hell, and will decide to remain forever in that hell, because they do not wish to let go of their ideas of reality. They wonít see it as hell, for their idea of hell is quite different. Or they will decide to open their eyes and see what it is that is the reality that they have been avoiding. This choice will be met with the utmost love and assistance and they will then be able to awaken to their own knowingness and remember who they are.

So are you saying that there will be two earths then, the new restored one and the old one of today?

It isnít as simple as you state it, and yet it is very simply that there will be the numbers of realities that have been dreamt of and that will be in the minds of those who hold those realities. There is much that you will be learning, remembering about the dimensionality of realities, and when this process takes place, you will be able to conceptualize more of what it is that makes up the realities of existence. Till then, I will give you the information that is within your scope of understanding, and that in turn will further open your understanding so that with the energies that are being absorbed into the earth and your beingness you will come to a greater understanding, and will be able to ask grander questions that will allow the answers to be understood.

When I say that there will be two earths I speak of the dimensionalities of the third and of the fifth on up. These are the two basic dimensions of earth that will exist at that time. Within these two dimensions, there are also realities that come and go, are continually changing with the concepts of the individuals. The universe is a very busy place, if you consider that there are as many realities as there are life expressions. This makes for an overwhelming sense of space and busyness for most, so to be able to conceptualize the subject of dimensions and realities it is wise to bring it down to the two earth realities. All the others are merely changing forms of ideas and manifestations of thought that are accompanied with emotions and enough push, passion to create. This is the malleability of the universal expressions. For now we shall come back to the subject of the two earths and how the people will be conceptualizing their reality.

Take for example that there are two earths and that you are living on the restored one. This you can conceptualize now, though it is in your future. This can be made to come about at a quicker rate through the connectedness of all the thoughts of the ones who can see that. This is what brings into manifestation a new thought.

When the ones who believe only in what they see keep that vision and thought, belief system, they keep that reality and the separation in their minds takes place, and the two different realities are manifested. It isnít that there are two different physical earths, as you would see two balls side by side in your own reality. It is rather that the two are separate only as far as the dimensions are concerned, as you would see a dream-like state to be the unreal, and the waking to be real. Both happen at the same time, but one is more substantial to you. When you experience lucid dreams, for instance, then you are in that process of being able to see both, and then you will continue to access the reality of the dreamstate in awakening and attain the ascension.

What will happen to the areas that are already beautiful and maybe hold acreage that we now would like to utilize for developing beautiful future cities of Light? What if at the time of these earth changes these projects have already started; what will happen to those?

If these projects are already in the works and are aligned with the new technologies, then they will be preserved and the work on them will be resumed upon return to the surface. This is why it is of import to be certain of the work that is done, and that only the guidance from within be followed along with the guidance that we give you. Remember, anything that does not meet with the purity of the new design will not be preserved. You have already put that design into action, and will see it come into manifestation. We will not be doing your work for you. We play a part in it and shall assist you.

Thank you Enki, I guess Iíve run out of questions for now, but Iím sure thereíll be more in the days to come.

It has been my pleasure my dear one. I am always here to answer any and all questions. All you need do is ask. Blessings to you all.


Thank you dear Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy Tate