Wakeup Call Message
March 22, 2004

A Pat on the Back


Helen Keller is a person whom we all hold in high regard, almost in awe, for what she was able to accomplish despite the fact she lost the use of her eyes and ears when she was a baby, which in turn, inhibited the development of speech and ability to communicate.  Sometimes I wonder what it must have been like for her to have been brought into a world that was completely dark and silent.   There she was in her bubble of darkness, knowing and sensing there were things going on around her, but not able to make a connection about what it was.  She was touched and kissed and held and cuddled and fed and clothed.  She smelled, she touched, she walked, she slept.  But she must have wondered what was going on.  Who am I? What is this all about?  We've read and seen accounts of her life that she was angry and furious and lashed out at those who tried to help her.  Then somehow, with the love and patience from her God-given tutor, Anne Sullivan, there was a breakthrough in her understanding.  She could communicate!  The door had opened for her.  Once that had happened, other doors opened in rapid succession.  By the time of her death, at the age of 88, she was a woman of the world with many accomplishments to her name.


The reason why I think of Helen Keller is because I can relate to her.  Here we are, beautiful light-filled creatures, borne into this density called planet Earth.  As we sit in our bubble of darkness, we wonder the same things. Who are we?  Where did we come from?  What are we doing here?


We are courageous souls who chose to come here knowing that once we came into this atmosphere, once we were born, we would forget the gloriousness of who we are.  In essence, we had to wipe our memory slate clean.  Just think of it.  Metaphorically, it is as though we have been brought into the world in the way that Helen Keller was - deaf, dumb and blind -- and perhaps with our arms and legs bound too.  Do you realize that on the other side of that veil, that veil of illusion, we are accomplished Masters?  We have developed and grown through many, many lifetimes to become highly evolved spiritual beings. Yet, we chose to come here again, to consciously agree to forget, to go through the veil of forgetfulness, so that we could be here for this most magnificent time on Mother Earth, to serve as Mother Gaia's midwife in this birthing process to the New Golden Age. 


We knew were needed, so we agreed.  For many of us, we were born of very humble beginnings.  Many, like I, were born into poverty and abuse. Throughout my life, I have aspired for greatness, yet never seemed to achieve it in the public eye.  I used to wonder if maybe I was not living up to my potential since I had not become famous.  But now I realize that all of my choices were the best for me on my path and it was actually my choice to stay out of the limelight.  If I had been more prominent during my earlier years, I probably would not still be here.  I most likely would have succumbed to an early death.  It was for spiritual survival that I stayed under the radar screen, because that is where I needed to be to do the work I chose to do.


At this point in my life, I am awakening and prodding that veil of illusion, peeking through it to see who I am on the other side.  I know I go over there during the dream time, I just don't remember.  Who is that magnificent being over there?  How can I communicate with her?  What is she telling me?  What are all these signs, what do they mean?  Just open the door, just a little bit.  Remember how Helen Keller did it.  You chose to be in this bubble of darkness. Now that you know that, you've opened a big door.  Just keep opening them, one after the other.


I bring this up because as I have grown spiritually over these past few years, I sometimes look at myself and think I am somehow deficient in my spiritual awareness.  Of course that is the ego stepping doing its job of creating illusions and obstacles to my spiritual growth.  But I also have learned to look at my life from a different perspective.  We chose to be in this polarity game.  One of the cardinal rules of the game is that one comes into it in a state of ignorance, of not knowing who they are, of not knowing that one is a Child of God.  That in and of itself is a very empowering piece of information for me.  I am not deficient, I am doing and being exactly what I am supposed to do and be and this is in accordance with the plan which I developed with my higher self.


Can you imagine developing an entire set of blueprints for a grandiose building, and then having the blueprints taken away from you, and going into amnesia so you don't remember you ever drew up the blueprints, and then being given the task of designing and constructing that building?  Well, that's what we are doing!  So give yourselves a huge pat on the back because whatever it is that you've accomplished, whether it just be that you are still alive and walking on this planet and are in some stage of awakening to your spiritual reality -- you've done a magnificent job!  Keep up the good work!



I AM Elizabeth

Child of God