Wakeup Call Message
June 22, 2006


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Hi Everyone,


Beginning this coming week we will be going on the road for a vacation/work time, which will take us well into July. Our access with the Internet will be sporadic, and so the Wake up Calls will come only when I am at a place where we will be able to tune in. We have been called to reconnect with Mother Earth, so we’ve brought out the tents and camping gear and will be heading for the mountains of Colorado after a few days of previous commitments. Have a wonderful and glorious few weeks. We’ll be here as we can.





Wake up Call: Sanat Kumara June 22, 06


When we come together like this we come in a song; we come in a cloud of gold and silver, and we come in a beautiful garden all laced with flowers and vines of utmost splendor. As we do this we bring about a hum that resounds through the heavens and awakens the love in all beings. We shower the universe with our joy and we go to the pinnacle of rejoicing as we gather and celebrate the beauty of life.


I Am Sanat Kumara, and on this day I bring to you the epitome of what it is to speak of love and brother/sisterhood throughout the ages. I bring to you the experience of being one with all there is and of telling all of the glory of being ready for the surprise of the lifetime, for it is upon us.


As we go into this new day and find all that is in store for us, we may find a few of the surprises already beginning. We may find that expected events that seemed to be lined up for exposure are indeed going in a different way and may not even come around in any way that they might have.


Why can this be; how could this happen? It is because the heavenly hosts have decreed that God’s will be done in these matters. They have listened and found that to follow the expected course would be to disrupt the occurrence of other events that are vital to the whole picture. This is the way it happens, my dear ones. This is the way of changing events that may have been seen to happen, may even have already been announced to the world. This is why some events and things known as facts have come tumbling down around you and revealed as being a misrepresentation of truth.


Know when these things happen it is because there is another story that is truly in the wings. There is a far more relevant piece of the puzzle that is to be placed in the proper spot than the one that is rejected and told to be of no validity. As we go through these times you will likely see this come about a few more times, and when it does, hold your peace and allow the energy to flow through you as so much cooling mist.


As you wend your way through the day and come upon bits and pieces of information allow them to flow into your being and rest for a spell. Then allowing your feelings to digest and assimilate this information, retain what is appropriate and let the remainder flow out into another expression of energy that bespeaks the truth, for with its release comes the transformation of the energetic makeup of that information. This comes about when someone else comes upon the information energy and does with it what he may.


Giving yourself the impetus to flow through your day allows the energy of the universe to inflow and cause you to see and hear the truth of what you encounter. This in turn transforms any and all energetic frequency that is not in harmony with your innate knowledge and renders it harmony. In this there is a truth energy that seeks itself, and transmutes that which is not in balance. This comes about through encounters with someone or something, through a song on the radio, a piece in the newspaper, a thought that comes unbidden from a place deep within that resounds perfectly as truth for your use and enjoyment.


As this transformation of what once was sifts through your body, you realize that there is an upliftment taking place, and you do well to relax in joyous acknowledgement of its homecoming. This is the time for all of this to come round and take its comfortable place in your beingness. Welcome it home and sing it a song of love and joyful release into your life of full consciousness.


Take the time today to acknowledge as well the bells of truth that sing their way into all aspects of your life. Know that as they ring forth they carry with them the resonance with which they can propel you through these times on earth that can try man’s soul. Know that as the illusion out there belies the truth in here you can distinguish one from the other and still be in this world. You can be one of the bright beacons of truth and peace that allows all who call for the truth to listen with their hearts and souls, and know that they see and hear truth, for it reflects that which is within them.


I take my leave in this moment and as I do I sing you a song of love and peace. I see the love emanating from your hearts and souls and I rejoice, for I also see the light that extends from your crown to the center of the earth. As you stand grounded with Mother Gaia, you extend your hand of faith to the heavens and you welcome in more light that serves to anchor the groundedness for all of mankind. This is the power of you when you walk in the light of love. Go now and be merry for all is right in the world of truth.


Thank you dear Sanat Kumara,

Love, Nancy Tate