Wakeup Call Message
June 21, 2006


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My dear ones of the highest cause, will you walk with me this day through a garden path that leads to a way of being on earth that is representative of the Oneness that we all are? Will you stay with me till the end of this message and hear what I have to say to you? This is a time in which many are feeling the effects of the idea of separation so strongly that they know not how they first got there and by what avenue. I Am Sananda, and on this day I walk with you in the truth of who you are and how you are One with me and every other person and life form in all of existence.


First we will travel the trail of hard knocks. We will immerse ourselves in the diversity that has brought about the trials that are surrounding ourselves every day, and in some cases all day long. These are the times of strife and discomfort that bring people to their knees and cause them to utter cries of help to God. What are they crying for? They are crying for the release from all this trouble and for the immersion in the light, from which they have strayed because of the amnesia they have fallen into.


They do not realize that there are many layers to this amnesia. Layer upon layer has been established through the centuries and eons because of the gradual descent into the abyss of darkness. This is the place where nothingness is the norm, and in this nothingness are born the shadows of adversity that overcome the light that is always there.


What accompanies the shadows are the cries of aloneness. These cries reflect the surrounding shadows that obstruct from view all of the others who share the space with you. They cannot see that others are in the same place and are crying too, for they are so overcome with their own sorrows that they cannot see the others. Nor can they see the hand of light that is reaching out for them to grasp the hope for security and love in this world.


This is when they discover that they are alone, that they are separate from the others. This is when they lose that touch with the light, and decide that in order to find a way out of this darkness and loneliness they must fight and struggle, they must work hard to free themselves of the shadow world. So that is what they do. They feel abandoned by this God who is supposed to be watching over them and guiding them. Where is He, why has He deserted me?


Then along comes a light beam that shows them the way out of the shadows. They know not that it is from God; they think that it is from their own cunning to find their way, so they follow and they feel better. They know not that the light beam was delivered to the place by another, who found his place with God while he was in the shadows. He asked God for help, knowing that was the surest and fastest way back to the light. So the beam of light shone down of all of them in the shadows, and all who had eyes to see followed that light. Those who were still in the amnesia so deeply that they saw only the shadows that surrounded them felt that they had to claw their way to freedom; they had to escape the clutches of the darkness. They had only themselves to help them, and they were going to do it.


So they did. They fought and clawed their way of to the shadows and into another place of shadow. This time they saw others in this shadowland and they knew they had done a good job of it, for they were rescued. With this news they ran forward and into the arms of the others they saw there. The others took notice and said, ”Well maybe we can find a way to keep what we have now that you are here and intruding into our place. We don’t know you and if you try to take what we have earned then we will fight you. You must go get your own way and leave us alone, for we fought hard and long for this, and it is ours. You get your own place!”


The one who had found this new place stood his ground. He knew that he had earned it and he wasn’t about to let these others take it from him. He fought with them to procure the things that were in this new place, for he felt that he had earned them. What none of them saw as they were fighting each other was that just outside of their vision were hundreds and thousands and millions of the things that they thought were scarce and hard to get. They didn’t see that there were untold trillions of the very things they fought for within their own small grasp.


This went on for a long time, these ones fighting each other for what they termed was theirs. They did not see through their battle that there were others all around them who were walking in the light and flowing through life effortlessly and with much joy. They did not see that these ones walking in the light had an abundance of gifts and treasures in their midst and they were sharing them with each other. They did not see that these ones in the light were happy and compassionate and reaching out even to the ones in battle, for the ones in battle did not see the ones of the light, for they were too involved with their battle to be able to trust that they could rest and be given all the riches of the world and beyond.


This is the turn in the garden, my dear ones, where you make a choice. You can stop and rest and look around you, or you can continue the battle for what you feel is rightly yours, for you get it through the toil and hard work that you spent all of your life cultivating. You can take the road to the ease and richness of the light, or you can go on striving for the same things that you found so hard to get.


Which way is it my dear ones? Is it to the outstretched hand of sharing, or is it the one in which you uphold all that you have learned to take so as to keep that which you earned? Do you see the beauty and the generosity of others in the light and allow that light to permeate all that you are and release you from the hard work? Do you keep unto yourself the riches you have so dearly earned and deserve, and hold your hands close to your chest, or do you throw your arms out in a jubilant gesture of openness and belief in the unlimitedness of the Light?


We are all together in this event that is heralding the power of the universe. We are the openness of love and the abundance of Spirit. We all are here to be with one another and see reflected in each other that which is in us that we do or do not wish to see. We love one another when we allow the fullness of our true being to shine through and be One. We share with each other all that has been bestowed upon us by the Light of the Creator. We are the Light and in that fact of truth we are each other in every way. And in that truth we express in any way that we find springs from our ability to create in the eyes of God, The Creator. This is our bounty and it belongs to all of us, for we are all One.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate