Wakeup Call Message
June 09, 2006


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Today I am addressing the issue of the Spanish translations a bit further. I have received a few more requests to not have them sent, and as well I have received some other emails from people who thank me for sending them out. I am sharing those with you and also some comments about the few years I lived in Bisbee AZ near the Mexican border.

First I reference the Wake up Call of June 7. This Wake up call was something that I 'channeled' from my higher self, Avenda, the night before after reading yet more requests from subscribers to not receive the Spanish translations. Early on I had gotten the 'hit' that this was in relation to the whole issue of Mexican amnesty. Also that the people may not even be aware of the charge they have on the situation. I decided to sleep on it and in the morning if I still felt the appropriateness of sending it out, I would.

I lived within a few miles of the Mexican border for a few years in AZ, and I saw what was taking place that was generated by the two governments. I saw the people who were sold a bill of goods and were driven from their homes and families on a false promise. I saw the many deaths in the desert, and I saw the multiple returns of the same immigrants over and over again because of a deliberate misrepresentation of the actual truth. There was a group of concerned citizens there who one day a week went out into the desert and cleaned up the refuse that the immigrants had left behind in their escape to a 'better life'. These citizens left gallon jugs of water for these people in order to ward off more deaths in the desert due to dehydration.

Some of the Mexican people were administered to by energy healers when they were found on the side of the road exhausted and close to death. Others were hospitalized. When these people regained their strength they exclaimed with tears in their eyes, “Angels, angels of mercy! Gracias, gracias!” Our hearts bled for them, for we knew what they were going through. The heartbreak of being so far from their families and seeing that they may never be able to find the new life and hope for them here in this new land gave us the determination to find a way some day to end this War of Lies that was tearing apart the way of life that used to support and uphold the diversity and beauty of the Mexican culture and way of life in the homeland of these dear people.

Those to me were acts of love. Some of the ranchers in the area had threatened to, and indeed in some instances had taken shots at some of the immigrants as they made their way across parts of their land. The ranchers were furious with them because they left so much debris behind. Those immigrants were heading for the nearest lights at night because the 'coyotes' had told them as they dropped them off over the border, "Look, see those lights way up there? That's Phoenix, (or that's Tucson)." those poor people didn't know any better. The actual truth was that those lights they saw was Benson, which was a far cry from Phoenix or Tucson. For the most part they were people who were not able to make it in their country because the conditions were so bad.

To me to focus on an area of humanity that is in need is to focus on all of humanity because we are all one. When we find a segment of humanity touching us in the heart, then it not only can heal that situation, it can heal all of the situations, and it can heal you, and that is imperative. I look at what is taking place with the amnesty issue, and I look at the other issue and I see the same energy behind them all. It is the fear and the division brought about by the fear. I will not back down from the fear, but stand up to it and direct my loving energy to and through it.

Below are comments from three people on the Wake up Call list in response to the Spanish translations. These are an example of the loving thoughts and actions that reflect the love and compassion in the hearts of all of us. We know on some level that it is what is going to change this world and bring us all into the Light and Love of The Creator fully and consciously.



“Thank you for your message this morning, Nancy.  I appreciate it.  On the topic of the translations, how wonderful they are even available!  How kind of those who do the translations.  For myself, it is simple to delete them, and each time they come in, I am reminded of how widely this way of thinking is spreading, and am enlarged with that that pleasure and comfort.  Indeed, 'home' is where the heart is, and we all live 'at home' in both the larger and smaller sense.



“My very dear Nancy:

Since a few days ago, I wanted to write you to explain you something else about the translations you send. I did not before because it is very hard to me to write in English.


I can not tell you how many people reads them, because, as soon as I get them, I put them in a Word document (with all of the credits, of course), I print them and give them to a friend who is therapist and gives seminars of consciousness, awareness (or whatever the translation). In short, she works with the Spirit. Her name is Mónica (she is a healer too). Then she makes copies and share them with her students, and invite them to share with others.


If I can read English, to Mónica is impossible to read that language; so, it is the only way she (and we can not know how many people) can get the messages that the Spirit sends us through you.

So, she also thanks you for the translations.

Thanks also for your patience to read my English.




“Dear Nancy


I too didn't like getting Spanish email and I was against illegal immigration because I thought our government was using the illegals as a Trojan horse.


I didn't want to feel this way, as I'm so liberal on most other subjects.


I don't think I thought of it as selfishness until I read you wake-up call for June 7.   Now I see it.  We need to help all human brothers until these governments realize they cannot use us. 


Maybe I'm not expressing myself well but I just wanted to thank you for giving me a different way of looking at this illegal immigration situation in the USA.   


Best Regards,”