Wakeup Call Message
June 07, 2006


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Hi Everyone,


Once again I would like to address the subject of the Spanish translations of some of the Wake up Calls and Mike Quinseyís channeled messages that I have been recently sending out. I have received many emails from people thanking me for sending them, for they now do not have to take the time to make the translations themselves.


I also continue to receive many emails from people who do not want to receive the translations. To those requests I suggest that they merely delete them. We do not have a separate list for the Spanish translations. I am doing this as a service to our Spanish-speaking friends and family all over the globe. I gratefully acknowledge Sebastion for taking his time and effort to send them to me.


To those of you who are subscribed to this list who wish not to read the Spanish translations that I am sending out through this list, I ask that if you do not care to delete the messages as they come in you may unsubscribe, following the instructions below todayís Wake up Call, and then go to the site at www.treeofthegoldenlight.com and click on the Wake up Call button to read the Wake up Calls in English.






Wake up Call: Nancy June 07, 06


What is this thing called equality? What is it that we are trained from the beginning to follow? Is it the idea of oneness, or the idea that we are separate from all of humanity? We are here to investigate this question, are we not? Do we stand and consider ourselves counted, or do we run and hide when the census comes around? Then if that is the case, do we then come out of the shadows and declare ourselves to be one of the chosen for we have stood for what we believe to be true?


This is the eternal question, and it is the motivating force behind all that we do, to a point. And that point is when we look ourselves in the mirror and ask, who are you? Are you someone who realizes that life is eternal, or do we think that in life there is a certain limitedness, and so we must fight our way through all the obstacles that we find in front of us, because we donít get another chance at this?


All we need do is relax. Relax and ask ourselves, what sense does it make to think that we are here for ourselves only? What verification do we have that we are the only ones and living the only life that we will have? How does that make sense in this vast universe of love and planets and moons and stars? Why do we think that we are the corner of the universe and the only one that rates having life? Are we nuts? Do we have such an inflated ego as to think that we alone have residence in a vastness that encompasses all that we can see and much, much more?


And how about this God that so many of us revere? How does it make sense that a power as strong and mighty would waste his time on the likes of us, unless there is more than what we can bring him? And why do we call that power Him? What about Her; are we to relegate our beautiful feminine energy to the back seat and then release that back seat to the annals of time?


And what about the diversity of life on this lowly planet? What about all the beautiful people who are trying to make sense of the life they have? Is it too absurd an idea that there is a group of people on this planet that would seek the separation of these diverse peoples? Why would anyone want to do that? Why would they even consider that the people could fall for such a plan as to turn a fellow man against another?


Is it maybe because there is something missing here? Is it maybe because our slumber has so closed us off to the possibility that there is more to this life than meets the eye? I think maybe there is something that we can explore here. Maybe we have had the wool pulled over our eyes like some people say. Are we trying to avoid what is right in front of our faces? Is the truth that knocks at our door too awesome to bear?


I think that we need to stop and reassess our lives. We need to look at what has become of brotherly/sisterly love and see how far we have strayed from that. Why are our borders becoming battlegrounds? Is it because we donít want to share our culture with others, or is it because we love them so much that we canít bear to see the way they struggle to maintain a life while living away from their own roots? How would it feel to any of us if we had to find a way to make a living apart from our families because our home place did not give us what we deserved as a citizen of the land that we inherited from our forefathers? Would we not cry and ask for a handout? Would we not ask that we be given a chance to make a future for our family so that we could return to our homeland and be reunited with our family for once and for all?


Then how would you feel if the government that we once thought was our friend told us we couldnít return, ever, for we are part of an undertaking that was to cause an upheaval that would change the face of the land that we so dearly loved? Would we then not rebel and tell them NO? Would we then stand up for our rights and not move from our position till we had found our way back home? Or would we succumb to the fear that encompassed so many in the face of the tyrannical ways of threat and coercion that is plaguing this great land? Would we then ask not to be a part in any way of the lost people and their culture, or would we take them into our embrace and sooth them back to their power and their love of themselves until they found the strength to demand their rightful place within their homeland and were given their land back.


This is not a feeble attempt to right a wrong that has been perpetrated upon the people of this land. This is an outright plea to see for yourselves what it is that means something to you. This is an appeal to all of you to see a perspective of the situation on this planet that is screaming out for justice. This is a wonder of wonders in the making and we are all part of it, whether we like it or not.


Come my fellow humans and see what it is that is brainwashing and subverting the love and unity that is inherent within the love of the Creator. There is no way to live on this planet in peace and harmony other than to begin now with open eyes and open arms for all of humanity. This is the only way to bring the light of the land to the heart of the people who live and love on earth. Do you still want to opt out of this wake up call, or are you going to stay and begin your journey back to the love and unity that we came here for?


Iím with you one hundred percent, what ever it is that you want, for we are one and to every side there is another of the same. There is no getting away from the truth of who we are, for we live in the Heart of the Creator, and that is Home.



  Nancy Tate