Wakeup Call Message
June 15, 2006


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   I Am 


Will you come to me and give of yourself? Will you see who you really are and give unto Me that which is innately of Me? I Am your inner self, and I come to this communication to tell you of my love for you. You are a guiding star, and with your inner guidance you swing through life and gather no moss beneath the swiftness of your feet.


I ask if you are willing to give yourself to Me for with that surrender you will find all in life that you have ever wished for. You will find the means by which to swing through life on a star and a promise of eternal bliss. You will find that the sky is the limit and then you will push that limit into the nothingness that expands the moment for always.


I give you example to live through your life in an abundance of joy and promise. I give you the way by which you fulfill your every wish. When you go within and ask Me of my wisdom, I speak to you in song, in act, and in encounter of any kind that matches your frequency of request. When you see that I fulfill your wishes on your command, you also see that I do so with your full co-operation and commitment to our pact.


Bring yourself to the table and set before us a plan of manifestation, for with that plan are elements that spell success. This plan for you has a heading and an achieved goal. What is in between is the communication between you and Me. The guidance that you follow brings the close to the plan and then begins another. It is perpetual. It resounds with success, and it brings a message to your heart and soul that all is possible, therefore bringing the result is a swifter and more profound manner.


As we go through these days and into the nights we make a track in time that spells of success. With this success we change the picture of life on earth. We change the duress that is perpetuated in these times and we bring a peace that will last throughout eternity. The more that we see that is not as it seems, the more we come to the upheaval of the forces on earth that seek to measure by their might and their deceit that which is prevalent on earth. What they do not see is that as they play their games of hide and seek they accomplish the end of their journeys by bringing their own darkness as a shroud more completely and irrevocably around them.


This is the fate of these ones who forget that the light is all-powerful. They forget that which they utter that does not come from the light, and in the shadows remains that which has no bearing on truth, for it stays in the shadows of forgetfulness and mimics the breath from which it came. It no longer has life, for it tread on borrowed ground and lost its way to the truth.


Gather while you may and see the truth of what is spoken. There is not a word uttered that has merit in itself. The relationship of one word to another shapes it and gives it life. Without the light there can be no dark and with out the truth there can be no falsehood. Gather to you the truths of the light and see that this light shines the truth of the words of the dark even as the light illuminates it.


The truth is the bearer of the success of the deed. It illumines all that is done in any plane of existence. With that light and that truth comes the reality of what is prevalent on earth right now, and that is the telling of the illumined truth when the dark falsehoods seem to be prevalent. Do not be fooled by the words of the darkness for they hold no weight and no purpose but to show the light for its strength and its purpose of truth and power to cleanse and bring to manifestation that which is to be the release of all the binding of the times.


Go now into your day and sweep the cobwebs from your vision. Allow the truth of who you are to come forth and speak to the activities of the dark, for those words are powerful and they represent the inner wisdom of who you are and how we fit together as a hand to a glove. Together we bring about the purity of the word and we render it freedom.


Thank you dear I Am,

Love, Nancy Tate