Wakeup Call Message
June 01, 2006


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   I AM 


I AM here to sing you a song. I AM here to tell you a tale. I AM here to wend my way into your heart, for I Am strong and I AM pure and I AM the presence of all of humanity in the innermost being of your Spirit. I Am the I AM of earth life, and in this message I bring you yourself and each other, for they are one and the same, the same to go through life in a tirade of love, the same to go through love in a flow of life. When you continue in the vein that takes you into the sunshine years, you display your ability to place yourselves in a mode that supercedes that mightiest of forces and the tamest of lambs.


As I wend my way into your beingness I do so with the full authority that is given with every breath you take. I do so with the full knowledge that this is your world and you create every particle of it through your ability to participate in the stream of life-giving energy and soul intent. This is the piece of the mastery that is taking place in every moment.


As the events of the world unfold beneath your expression and within your intent it often appears quite different from what you had perceived it would. When you have asked for a boy to play games that would make him feel like a hero, he has put himself in a position of harms way. He has to face a bullet that may take his life away on the earthplane. That is the interesting evaluation that is given when one plays in the game of life. When a girl says she wants to marry and have children, sometimes she does so and soon is abused and abandoned by the man, and is left with the children to raise on her own. This may create a family strength through the perseverance of that family unit, united in the love that comes from the adversity in which it was born.


All is according to what is placed in front of oneself on a soul level. What lessons and growth is created through adversity. Now it is time for the adversity to end, and the ease of flow to come into the equation. This is the time when so many of you are seeing the potential of adversity before it is put into action. You see and you think again and you proceed in a way that invites the love and wisdom from within to guide, rather than the adversity.


We are seeing this more and more, and with this vision and ideology the I AM is operating in a fashion that brings strength, unity and an abundance of love to the lives of so many. They are watching as the others still live in the idea of adversity, and they feel the compassion born in the energy of having ‘been there…done that’.


As you go through life and make the changes in your life that represent your growth in Spirit you find that life makes more sense. You find that as you grow, so too does your ability to live life in the fullness of what you intend. You need not go to the lengths that you once went, for those times are over for you. And if you do find yourself slipping back a bit into the old ways, know that it is but a residue that you pick up from the past, and release it to the winds of change. Then feel the love that permeates every particle of your being.


Take the time now to give thanks for the wonder that is your life. See that as you go through the moments of your life you are living the unity that is written in your soul. You are bringing the chalice of the ages to your lips and drinking of the nectar of the Christed Energy. This is your salvation and this is your release from the bondage of the old times. Fly in your newfound freedom and walk with the angels who are here on earth, for they are beside you and around every corner.


Take your love into this day and make it merry, make it golden, and make it free. You are the ones you have been waiting for, and the I AM presence is within your hearts and souls. Walk in the light of the Christ, for you are there.


Thank you dear presence of the I AM,

Love, Nancy Tate