Wakeup Call Message
June 19, 2006


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There is a time when all good things will appear within the world of this present reality, and when that happens there will be a jubilation that will bring down the walls of adversity and allow the sun to shine on all of the people and all of the life on Mother Earth. In the meantime it is time for all of you to realize the responsibility you have to your own lives. It is time for all of you to take charge in the light of the I Am and see your life building in power and destined for greatness. The degree of greatness is up to you, for it neednít be great in the eyes of todayís present society; it need be great only in the eyes of your own self.


I Am Hatonn and on this day I stand with my heart in my hands extending it out to you in a gesture of gratitude, for you are surpassing the degree that I saw only three months ago. You are opening up to the responsibility for your life in a way that is most revealing to me. It addresses that belief in a higher good for you and that you are ready to pick up the gamut and ride with it in your favor.


I address those now who remain on the fence and therefore do not see the tightly held leash with which certain energies are holding you in their grip. You are in a place where you are focusing so tightly on how to get off the fence that you have not realized your focus and allowed it to redirect itself to what is causing your leaden feet.


I understand how this can happen, for I have seen it over and over again in those who have now risen high from their perch on the fence and taken that leap, step or gentle bounce of the fence and into the life of dedication to truth. They have found the courage to jump headlong into the new life and found it to be far less scary than they had thought.


This is what is in store for you as long as you hold steadfast in the belief and faith that you are protected at all times by the God within. With the unstoppable protection of your own Spirit you can leap fences, climb mountains and swim oceans of tears to reach the side of your own innate power and self-love.


Give yourself the benefit of the doubt when you are contemplating an issue. Then immerse yourself in that issue and be it with God. Take any part of it that feels separate from you and incorporate it within you. Then feel the difference that it makes in your perception of the issue. You will find this to be most empowering and from that point you can go forward in strength and love.


Take a moment now to survey your surroundings. See what is within reach of you, and ask yourself how you have created this space, and for what purpose. Then ask yourself to see it in a different light. See it as something brand new that you have never seen before. How does it look now? Does it feel good and right, or is it foreign and unforgiving to you? This is how you can assess how you create your world to suit you. This is how you can recreate what feels unsuitable into the perfection of a part of you that resonates and creates harmony.


This is an example of how you can gain access to the recesses of your being. You can see all as you and God, and then you can see every part of that Oneness as individual expressions of the Oneness. How do those expressions resonate with you? What would you change and transmute to harmony. When you have seen that, then you will know what your next move is. That is how you can make that leap off whatever fence you are sitting on today.


I see many of you squirming in your seats, for as you have been reading this you have been looking around and seeing things that you hadnít seen before, or in a different way. This is good, for it is the beginning of taking responsibility for your world. It is an empowering thing you do, and I commend you and celebrate your breaking open the box that you have been sitting in, the fence that you have been sitting on is no longer holding you back. The strings are released and all is fun and joyful in your new freedom. Rejoice and be merry for it is your world and You are boss!


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate