Wakeup Call Message
June 13, 2006


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My dear ones there is a movement taking place now in the heavens as well as on earth to bring peace to the planet. This movement is in the way of taking back the power that has been stomped on and eradicated from the souls of so many. This power is what is going to arise and take action within the hearts and souls of all who rise to the call. This will in turn keep the people of earth from destruction.


I Am Hatonn this day, and I come with news of an overriding of the darkness that seems to be winning every battle that is waged against the light in the public arena. There is a misnomer that is prevalent in these matters that you see before you, and that is of the vision that seems to be one thing, and a reality that is quite another. People in the spotlight seem to be winning, and yet they are very much on a sinking ship. Trust in what is to come and know that things are not as they seem.


I once took a ride on a ship to Mars in the old days of long ago, in earth perspective. On this ride I saw the future come into view, for on this ride we took a bypass into another time. When we arrived on Mars we saw many beautiful souls on vacation basking in the warmth of the moderate temperatures of the Mars atmosphere. The skies were a bright yet soft pink and were interspersed with cloud-like entities who rode the waves of energy that prevailed. On these entities were many gold specks and as they danced across the sky they lit up the atmosphere with particles of light.


This light show was a part of what the new atmosphere of Mars was like. It was resounding, and in the light show there rang out a titillating song of love that translated like the hum of a million bells at a far, far distance. It wasn’t a sound that irritated after a while; it was as a part of being for all who were present. When I departed the ship and walked among the people there, it was as if I had come back to earth in one way, for among those who resided on Mars were many whom I have seen and worked with on earth. The only difference was that each of you who were on Mars from earth was lighter and radiant in stature. You had come through the fog of amnesia and were reveling in the celebration of love, peace and freedom in which all on earth were living.


This was a revelatory time for me, and all who were on board the ship, for we had come into a near future and had seen the evidence of the changes that are now beginning. We had seen many of you still vibrant and alive when, if you had seen this future for you in the time in which you now reside you would have said, “Yeh, in who’s fairy tale?” My dear ones, those of whom I speak were some of the dear ones who are only now opening up to who they really are, and are teetering on the threshold of truth versus illusion.


As Nancy and Bob sat outside of their home last night, they saw a spectacle that we put on for them. She was going to tell all of you of this event, and now she is telling the fullness of it from both sides of the event. At first she was out there alone while Bob pounded away on the computer. She was gazing at the western sky thinking about the children’s stories that she had been working with that day, in a happy state of mind, when suddenly a light caught her eye. She brightened and stared at that patch of sky for a few more moments and then there was another light that moved across the part of the sky that surrounded the huge cedar tree across the driveway from her.


She exclaimed to Bob to come out here and see this, for by then there were other lights dancing around as in celebration. What we were experiencing was the joy that she felt in her heart from the work she had done that day. She had decided that rather than immerse herself in recounting the sad stories of her existence of earth, at least for the time being, that she would focus on the joy of innocence and love that is a child of ten.


Both Bob and Nancy sat and watched for well over a half hour this light spectacle go on in celebration of her release from the pact she had made to swim in the sea of sorrow through the telling of the tale. That can come later when the healing is done. The world can wait for the telling of the tale when the healing is accomplished. The relevancy of the tale can be seen by those who read it, and by those people whose lifetimes on earth mirrored the tale that was to be the next book. These children’s stories will appeal to the children of all ages.


Now is the time for healing the child within. Now is the time to sing the praises of the innocence of the truth that a child knows. Now is the time for the telling of the tale of joy and laughter, so that this future can be lived by all on earth. Now is the time to tell the tale of love and nurturance, for that is what brings the power of authority back to the people, and therefore the power to make their lives strong and solid in the light of who they really are.


What we were doing up there in your skies was feeding that child’s heart and soul with the playfulness we felt. We saw the change that came over Nancy as she worked with the children’s stories and played with the construction of the booklets to give her friends who were going to be flying to visit their grandchildren the next day. She knew that those dear children would enjoy the stories, for they were about the life of the child on earth and what it can be like to live here. This is the gift of giving and sharing that is so prevalent on earth today with those who know the secret to everlasting life.


That is what the light festival in the sky was all about. We were sharing in Nancy’s joy and the joy of all those on earth who are in the process of healing the child within. That is the road to the stars that dance and sing in the sky, and we will give each and every one of you your own brand of spectacle as you find that innocence within and begin to wake every particle of your being to the joy that living in that innocence brings.


Innocence is not a weak thing. It is the strength behind every powerful being that walks anywhere in this universe. It is the fuel behind the movement of love that builds and produces the grandeur that is in expression anywhere you care to look. The purity of innocence allows the ease of passage of all the ideas into the manifestation of that which is intended. Live in your innocence and you live in your Godself.


We go now and allow the magic of the day to unfold in all its glory. We stand by and survey the ease with which all of you play and laugh and create your day in the energy of love. We applaud and play along with you whenever the joy overflows and spills upon your heart. We love the family that lives and plays on earth and in heaven, for it is Us and it is You.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate