Wakeup Call Message
June 08, 2006


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Hi Everyone,

  Our ISP was down until early afternoon, so I Am bringing you a short message from Hatonn.




Wake up Call: Hatonn June 08, 06


I Am Hatonn, and I Am here for a short message this day. This is to inform you of the return of the light to a least one million of those on earth who walk in the Light of the Creator. That is a marked increase in the past few months, and the rise is almost impossible to keep track of. All who walk on earth walk in that Light, even if they do not acknowledge that fact.


What this means to humanity is that the plan that you entered into all those eons ago is still in place and running right on schedule. Actually it is running ahead of schedule, because of the slippage of time that has been accomplished. This represents the homage to the truth that is being embraced right now. As the truths about the societal and political aspects of earth society come out into the mainstream it is having profound impact on those who have until now chosen to remain asleep. What is taking place is awakening within these people the remembrance of the intent to live in harmony and truth in the last leg of the journey to ascension.


You have been advised by your higher selves that this is the time to show the authority that is necessary to bring all of the dark activities to an end. You are there, and you are doing it. Keep this in mind, as more activities seem to overflow into the life on earth and encompass the freedom that you are working toward. This is the stamp of the rising stream of negative energy that is being expunged. It is not going to overtake the world, for the Light is right behind it and propelling it out into oblivion.


We are here and in fullness we are assisting you to the glorious conclusion of the old energy. Welcome to the New You.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate