Wakeup Call Message
June 06, 2006


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There is no greater joy in these times than to see how well each and every one of you is rising to the inner calling for the enrapture of your souls and the flying free of your Spirit. These are the days for the tumultuous times to find their ending. These are the times when all that has come before sees its exit and flies away never to return. Only you know how free and clear you feel and then you realize as you look into the eyes of another that they too feel that freedom.


I am Hathor and I fly with you. I fly to the tops of the trees and to the depths of the caverns, which lead you to the underground places of light. There are many, my friends and you have all been into at least one of them in your lifetimes. When you went there you did so on a mission of exploration, for your soul called it forth and whispered that this was a necessary part of your inner library of change.


You knew on a soul level that in time, perhaps in this time, right this moment if not before, you would have use of the information which going into that cavern afforded you. You would know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and not only on the inner plane. You would see where many of the inner beings had taken up residence after the fall of the continents that you know as Lemuria and Atlantis.


Now you are here again. You are at the threshold of remembering all that. You are joining with me and so many others who are guardians of this earth and the life forms on it. You see how beautiful life is on the surface, and now you begin to remember the beauty of the inner circles.


You were there my friend, and you were there in purpose. You prepared a place for yourself in the societies there and you planned to return at some time to claim that place. It would be for a time, for also you have claimed another place on the surface and as well in the cosmos, far above the surface. You see, you have all planned to be a part of more than this limitedness and to reach far above and far below into the vastness of all there is and function as a member of the star family and a part of the All That Is.


When you do that you will have amassed much more knowledge of this life and the Eternal Now. You will have regained the knowledge of who you are and why you came here to wend your way through this time and space. You would know who I am and why Iím here. You will have found this journey to have been inspired by the Creator and sanctioned by all of the Creatorís family.


That is you, and that is all of the yous, forever and a day. That is all in the cosmos who have come before you and who are with you now. It is all in the future and all in the present who guard you now and help to keep you on track. You are a part of something so huge and incredible to your earthly eyes that only your true selves can fathom the immensity of it.


Imagine a place far out in the universe that has streets and cities of gold and crystal. Imagine that you are there and living a life of beauty and love. Imagine that you find yourself creating in an instant that which you intend for your life. Imagine that one day you leave that world and come onto another planet that is bare and forlorn in its love. Imagine that you live on this planet and you find that its desolation speaks to you of a time long ago when there was a promise for beauty and love.


Imagine that as you lived and loved on this planet you saw it grow and flourish before your eyes. Imagine that as it grew it transformed into a place of beauty and love. Imagine that you saw the surface begin to transform and the soils to reap crystals and glittering jewels. Imagine that you saw the waterways turn to shimmering waves of richness and to immerse yourself in them was as an embrace in flowing magic love.


Imagine that all who shared this life with you flowed in harmony with all that was created by all of you. Imagine that in this society you all began to remember the beauty and love from whence you came. Imagine one day waking up and remembering how you got to that place and how it was transformed though your love and the inherent magic of The Creator speaking through all of you.


Now you know what is to take place on this wonderful plane earth. Not only are you going to create in the eyes and image of the Creator, you will also realize that you build this new world in the image of that other one from whence you came. And you will also realize that from that perfection of the other place, you will create anew and this new world will be even more splendid because of all that you have amassed within in this journey through time and space.


Oh the wonder of it all! The beauty that is performed in the name of Our Beloved Creator! This is a far more wonderful place than has been before, for I have seen it in that place you call the future and it glows with the potential that promises to be far more grand than your wildest dreams can foresee at this time.


You are waking up and when you greet the brand new day, you will cheer and whistle and shout words of joy, for you will have found heaven and it will be right here on earth in the brand New Golden Age that you have created. Welcome Home, dear ones. Smell the roses and feel the love of the ages, for it is Golden.


Thank you dear Hathor,

Love, Nancy Tate