Wakeup Call Message
June 05, 2006


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Our dear exalted ones of earth, we come to you with a peacemaking idea that may shock some of you and stimulate others. This idea is born in love and generated in the compassion that carries the love into the hearts and souls of all who are within the range of the transmission. As you know the vibration of any communication is transmitted into the grid surrounding the earth and is available for any soul to tap into and respond to. That is why we come in this manner through this one, to give homage to all of you and to offer a suggestion to those who value their freedom and uphold their rights to that freedom.


I AM Eli, and as you remember we spoke through Nancy a few days ago and offered our rendition of what to do on earth at this time to uphold all that humanity stands for and to see to it that justice and the right of every person on earth gives him/her hearts to the life that represents the ideal of life for humans in the light of The Christ.


Allow me to clear something up with you that has been cleared with Nancy over the weekend. We, speaking of this energy that is speaking through Nancy at this moment, are Eli, Ela being a counterpart to Eli. Eli is the compilation of all of the expression of the being who is the origin and present culmination of Nancy. We come to express to all of you, who of course also walk in the culmination of all you are since the onset of your expression.


We come at this time, for The Creator has decreed that this is the final push for freedom to be who and what you are, and the time for earthly matters as they have been is almost over. Now is the time to haul in the reigns on this expression and free fall that is taking place on earth and to take the reigns in a more authoritative manner and bring back the idea of sovereignty and might in the energy of the Ultimate Source of all that lives within each and every one of you. That power is the mightiest in existence, and through that power you have the ability to turn all of the expressions of the darkness around with your immersion in the light and the power that is inherent within that light.


The idea we spoke of is that there is a coming time when you will all come to the place where you will walk out of your homes and into the captivity of your own fear if today you do not stop and say, no more! You will find that with the onslaught of the coming times there will be less and less freedom to come and go if you allow this pace to continue. What can you do about it? You can simply stop and say, I have no fear! I walk in the power of One! I am sovereign unto the Light, and only the Light and Love can set me free! when you utter these words at the onset of any degree of fear, you will find that there is a moving power that waves over the land. It may feel weak and submissive at first, and then as you utter it again and again, it will grow in strength and it will permeate every blade of grass, every particle of sand, every leaf on the trees and every cell in the fiber of all life on earth.


This is what changes the matter of the atomic structure of earth. This is what moves mountains and changes rivers. This is what creates miracles and brings all of life to the same frequency. You all can do this and make the difference. It is a matter of bringing into harmony all that you encounter through your thoughts and your intent. See the world open up and embrace all that you build through the light. See that your world, and that of all of your family, be immersed in that light. Then go out into that world and act as if it is already living the expression of light.


In doing so, you will see that even as you know that to get from one place to another you must take that first step and the next and so on until you are there. That is the nature of this earth plane. Take your first step and then the next and the next, until through your actions and intent you have changed that which you saw needed to be changed. You have that power, and you know how to exercise it. With the solidity of others squarely and surely behind you, you can find that strength of purpose to plow the fields and reap the harvest of a new bounty of freedom and peace for all of mankind.


We are here for all of you, collectively. The culmination of each and every one of you is right here with you now and forever. The Creator has called in the direct intervention and assistance of all of us to be with you and to guide you to that freedom. You are invincible and in that you have the ability to tune in with your intent and know the solutions to each and every one of your problems. You have the wisdom to convert the thought of problems to the reality of situations, which have come to bear in order for you to exercise your authority and your ability to carry that authority forward and into the Light of the Christ.


We are the ones who have come to assist you and in that we see that you are ready for this. We see that as the world turns on its axis you turn in your contracts and face the truth of what your world is experiencing. You have seen that there is something greatly amiss in what you see and you have called for help. We are here in full and we inform you that in order to make it happen all you need do is acknowledge our presence and know that in order to be able to go forth and change what you see in front of you, what you first need to do is recognize that you are supreme and that you are complete unto yourselves and all There Is. We speak our authority through you, and in that way together we get it done.


You each have assigned yourselves a specific role in these times, and with the adjournment of the present council of forebears of each of you, the decree has come forward that all holds are bared and there is no stopping you now. Feel that power that is within and recognize that it is stronger than you have felt in all these years on earth. You are Gods, and you know what it takes to go forth and bring the freedom and peace to your world. Go now and multiply your intent ten times seven and know that it is done.


Thank you dear Eli,

Love, Nancy Tate